Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wanna wear Fur? Think again! Seriously!

Undercover investigators from Swiss Animal Protection/EAST International visited fur farms in China. Their findings are ghastly disturbing.

The insanely brutal shocking method of how fur is skinned from poor animals while they are still alive, breathing and struggling to fight excruciating pain, will send chills down your spine.

This particular undercover revelation is about unregulated fur farms in China, but I strongly believe (which are not baseless!) that it is true in (if not all then) most part of all the countries, undeveloped or otherwise. Besides, if you are not surprised, same is true of the slaughter houses you get your meat from, whether it is chicken, beef, pork or sausage. And the same goes for leather goods too!

So, think twice before indulging your sartorial desires!
Consider yourself equally culpable, for your consumption is harboring and encouraging these industries. At least consider reducing your consumption, if you just cannot live without it. Soon you will learn you actually can!

I thank God I'm a vegetarian, at least, knowingly I not causing inhuman torture of utmost degree to some speechless organism. Sometimes, I really wonder, if the purported superior intellect of humans warrant and justify such cruel acts. If so, then you cannot blame terrorists for doing what they are doing either!

Warning: The video is insanely inhuman, don't click on the play button if you are faint-hearted. But read the info on the page and you might reconsider fur as a clothing and meat as your preferred choice of food!

Note: If you are to argue that eating plants is also brutal act of same degree, then please don't even bother arguing here. Because you don't understand the basic theory of Levels of Consciousness, the fact that plants lack consciousness (not feeling, though!) and premises of Ahimsa (which again is an immensely intricate philosophy).

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Anonymous said...

And on the other side of the world the same thing happens (just suits to the western tastes i guess :( ) ..,8599,1887823,00.html

The problem with things like this is that after extended exposure to all this, one comes to live with all this and becomes unaffected :( unluckily that is human nature....

priti said...

and the same goes for silk cloths! the way silk is manufactured:(
there was some time back we used to get 'jain' silk, jain silk sarees.. but due to its heavy cost and less demand(read it as less awareness) people stopped manufacturing the same.
although i dont vouch, if the jain silk was made in real 'decent and non violent' fashion.. but lets be hopeful and considerate!
being a bharatnatyam dancer i have to use leather(for ankle bells)and silk(for costumes)i am sure everyone has such kind of weaknesses......
but just because of the same we shall truly understand this'less consumption factor'
though we can never balance life this way but we can surely try our little to be just the 'human' a real human!

Indrani said...

i hope this proves to be an eye opener for most of the people...

Indrani said...

wrong place to comment... bt dnt ve ur mail id.. plz delete it after u read it... bt thanks for that awesome comment :)... m flattered :D

megha said...

after reading the extract i am feeling utterly disgusted by the fact that just for our fashion desires many innocents have to give up their lives this is giving me a reason to switch my choice from fur clothes...

Transcending Reality said...

If there is any race that I look down upon, its the human race. But, we often forget that man is an animal too. So what can we expect ?

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to see more pictures. I was disappointed.

The Shaolin said...

@Priti: Awareness is the first step to wisdom!
@Indrani: Yes, it is an eyeopener!
@Megha: As Chetan (Transcending Reality) put it, If there is any race that I look down upon, its the human race
@Chetan: I totally second your stand.
@Anonymous: Are you sure you are commenting on the right post?

Valkyrie Savage said...

This is why I'm a vegetarian... :-/ It's horrendous the way that people treat animals. I mean, I don't have anything against eating meat, really, because I feel that that is natural, but the abuse and indignities that animals go through during their lifetimes is something that we should stop. :(