Friday, March 06, 2009

Watchmen: Do not watch it!

Yes, it has been a long time, and you guys have been waiting to hear from me. Trust me, there is, as always, tons to share. But too many things happening in a very short time. So I'll cut short the blog right to the point: A deplorable act I committed today: seeing the movie Watchmen.

Watchmen... Who Watches the Watchmen...
Another, what I would call, a in-theater-disaster for me. Had gone to watch it, only because it was a team-outing meant as stress buster after they had under gone yet another release cycle (read it was FREE!). Thought it wouldn't harm, but I was wrong. My head hurts now. Only 2 cups of black tea and a little ranting on this post alleviated the pain!

The movie has used good special effects, but after a while you feel it is just too much. FX is simply over used. The amount of bloody maiming and ruthless butchering and the spit-out-guts scene thrown at you would really turn you off after few initial minutes. That whole thing makes you miss the whole point of the movie, which, as you might have easily guess if you watched the trailer, is 'A Band of super heroes saving (or at least wanting to save) the world from N-war'.

There is too much of narrative to make the scheme difficult to follow in one pass. And even after multiple passes it probably would be hard to grasp it without any background of reading the novel from which the movie is adapted. The characters seemed underdeveloped on the screen.

And for other times when the so-called-super-heroes and villains are not ruthlessly mutilating each other, they are making out. But even that doesn't get any thumbs up from me. I would say it is not tastefully done.

A one-liner description of the movie:
Watchmen is an absolute abuse and a disastrous waste of special effects technology (and probably tons of money)!

To me, it was a criminal waste of time to watch it, esp. when the sun was out for all those close to three hours we wasted inside one dark room with incredulously loud noise, which by the way, ruled out all possibility of slumbering in cozy reclining seat! Sitting out in sun with a cup of Mighty Leaf's lightly flavored steaming Spring Jasmine Tea and staring at nothing and doing absolutely nothing would have been a better investment. Especially when you know sun doesn't come out so often here in this season!

Seriously, can't believe it is the same Zack Snyder who so beautifully directed 300 (my review here).

  1. Please do not waste your precious money, and above all TIME, on this lame celluloid.
  2. Should you choose to ignore the above unsolicited advice, don't even think of taking your girlfriend with you on this movie, else, rest assured, this is going to be the last movie you would be watching with her :D Don't tell me you weren't warned!


richi said...

Heyyy Atul....good job on the review bro.....keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Atul...Your advice is based on your experience?? Did you take your Girl Friend with you!!!!!!!!! :)

Sheetal Kamat said...

hehe yeah kushal too mentioned same thing about the movie :) Ajoy was going for tht movie but their's is postponed.. I guess for good :)