Tuesday, November 02, 2004

My Books Wish List (Non-Techie)!

Remember Wish Lists? Well, I was reading someone's blog when I tumbled upon his Wish List link, eagerly I clicked on it. And vooo...! That's what I wanted, a way to maintain Book Wish list and share it with buddies. Here [1] is the my wish-list of non-technical books (Technical books list to follow soon). It's still INCOMPLETE, and I plan to update it regularly, so keep visiting my blog [2] for I'll post a message here as and when I update it. Before this, I've been maintaining my Books Wish List as an M$ Excel sheet (and still maintain it as primary copy). You can sign-up here at Amazon and create your wish list! Nothing great about it, but *THE* best part is that you can share your wish list (yes exactly for the reason that someone might happen to read it and gift a book or two. It works great if you, unlike me :-(, have a GF ;-) LOL ).

1. If, for some reasons, you cannot view the list, and read the post all through this point, implying you are really interested in having a glimpse of it, go to amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist-homepage.html/ and type in my mail address (princeatul at gmail dot com) to search for my list.
2. http://the-shaolin.blogspot.com

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Anonymous said...

Well, You dont need a GF to gift u things..Frenz can also do that. Rather, jz now found the 'cute' things we can gift u (most of ur wishlist books are on martial arts...cute huh??) ..now the only thing that remains is "grand parties" n not jz " a grand party" :)

Hmmm..interesting stuff u have up there! 'enjoyed reading it.