Monday, November 29, 2004

Weekend shopping!

Saturday, I had been to Bombay (Mumbai, as it is now a days called) for shopping. This probably was the first time I've ever participated in shopping clothes! Yes, all other times I just used to go and act as a model putting on everything my Mommy n Daddy asked me to. But this time I was a GOOD Boy and helped a lot in shortlisting the clothes and of course modeling too! We had gone to Heera Panna (in Haji Ali), one of THE places in Bombay to shop if you want quality stuff with decent prices. With more than 150 shops in the complex you can really experience the phenomenon of "Shop Till You Drop!". You get lots of things there: clothes, electronics (PDAs, mobiles, players, etc), deodorants, cosmetics, footwears, home appliances, and almost everything that can be imported! Spent most of the day there and an hour or so at Crossroads (where, after NO energy left to choose things, we only did window shopping).

Sunday, as usual, played football, we had only 14-15 guys on the ground, but, of course, enjoyed playing. With the on-going tournament concluding we expect more people to return (read 'they better return') to their regular game. Kanbay bags the first position (heard Sameer's performance and composure despite Infy scoring the first goal in initial 5 minutes of game was marvellous, which in essence got them thro the game well), followed by Infy and then Persistent.

After dozing for rest of the day until I had no desire to sleep any more, I went to cousin's place in the evening and there on idiot box (read TV) I happened to see ( ... yuck!..., sorry) "Coffee with Karan" ( ... yuck! ...) !!! And ( ... yuck! ....) what do I ( ... yuck! ...) tell you about this (... yuck! ... ... yuck! ... ... yuck! ... ... yuck! ... YUCK!) Well, I'm sorry guys, cannot proceed any further, but hope you got the message ;-)

Nothing more interesting .... Am back to ground zero as of this writing and supposed to report to my manager with weekly status (excluding this weekend stuff).


Aniket said...

> Kanbay bags the first position... followed by Infy and
> then Geometric.

Correction: Persistent finished third, not Geometric :)

The Shaolin said...

Sorry for inconsistent info. Correction incorporated.
BTW, someone please post a blog protraying the match for people like me who could not make it to the ground.