Thursday, January 06, 2005

Angels & Demons: Dan Brown

Crammed with Vatican intrigue and hi-tech drama, this is TRULY a fast-paced novl. An instant oage-turner! An ancient secret brotherhood! A devastating new weapon of destruction! An unthinkable target! Unthinkable connections with ancient history! WOW! What a combination.
Remember I made a statement about Da Vinci Code: "if this novel doesn't get your beats rising, you better get your medical checkup done" ... then let me tell you that I found this DAMN FAR More Interesting, More Intriguing, More Involving & More Enjoyable than Da Vinci!!! Do I need to tell more! Well, have a look at the facts that this novel touches upon, and you will be compelled to read the novel, maybe just to figure out the connection between all this apparently disconnected elements.
Once you have read the novel, don't forget to visit this page! Spoiler Warning! Please don't click now! It’s meant to be referred after you are through with the novel.
I bet his other 2 novels, Deception Point and Digital Fortress should be equally good. Am gonna read them too! Anyone read them already?

What next? I plan to pick up "A Beautiful Mind, by Silvia Nasar" a biography of John Nash, who shared Nobel Prize in Economics for their pioneering analysis of equilibria in the theory of non-cooperative games!


Sky Knight said...

Have read Digital Fortress... Its good but no way comparable to Da Vinci Code. The book is more like a movie and I can bet will be definitely a hit among fans of movies like Matrix or Minority Report.

Anonymous said...

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