Friday, January 07, 2005

The Life of a Programmer

I start my day by sitting on a chair,
Giving my monitor a hard, cold stare,
By evening I m done with another coding,
Oh! this has become a routine so boring.

Like all, I entered this field with great hope,
Jobs were many and there was plenty of scope,

Dreams of joining the likes of Gates,
And a chance to make money in the states.

Thus, I entered the world of bytes,
Only to realize that reality bites,
B'coz a programmer's life, isn't all that cozy,
The bed of software, isn't all that rosy.

Seeing the monitor all day n night,
Have taken the power of my eyesight,

Working holidays, busy weekends,
No time for family, no time for friends,

My job steals most of my time,
Helplessly, I watch this crime.

When I should be out - having fun,
I m telling a comp, what's to be done.

GOD, to thee I pray,
If there be one - show me the way

Well, I'm not a poet, and yes you guessed it right, this is not my creation! Got it, as a typical software engg., in a forwarded email*. Though not completely true, some of lines are really as bitter as roasted coffee bean! And hence thought of sharing with you. I bet those who are working in this field would understand this poem a little better.
(* Note: This is not a verbatim copy of original poem, I chopped off a few lines)


Aditya said...

I've posted my answer to this on my blog :)

The Shaolin said...

Adi's response to this poem can be found here ...
The Life of a Hacker

The Shaolin said...

BTW, I forgot to mention that there's HELL LOT of a DIFFERENCE between a 'programmer' and a 'HACKER' and I crave to be the later!