Friday, March 04, 2005

My Radio's off

That's SICK!!! Working without music is BORING like hell! I usually play radio to aid me concentrate. No no no no NOT radio mirchi! I said I play radio for MUSIC and not for NOISE. These days people know of radio ONLY because of that GOD DAMNED cheap-boring-stinking radio channel. I listen to good old Vividh Bharati. Music also serves as a means to cut me off of all the ambient noises around me! I think the problem is mainly becasue just behind the place where I kept my small walky 2 new PCs have come up. They seem to be causing a lot of electromangetic disturbance, which interferes with already weak radio signals in my cubicle :'-( Don't believe me, trying tuning your small walky keeping it near your monitor or PC cabinet. Any ideas how I can work around this problem??? Be the provider of a fix to this blessed! No, PLEASE don't give me options like MP3, Internet Radio, Cassette, get antenna blah blah.


Sheetal said...

Suggetion ;-) give suggetion to ur office to get this facility.. where in you can just plug and set the channels (just like you get in planes) Cool idea rt :)

The Shaolin said...

EXACTLY like in a plane ... I think it's difficult for our company to spend money on that ;-)!!!
Streaming is a BETTER idea, we can have a server to streams radio channels and users can just choose the channel they want, won't add to cost (except buying a FM tuner card), but our admins don't have the bandwidth w.r.t. time to manage that! I wanted to stream from my own system so that I can listen to fav radio channel in the lab ... but didnt have time to look into that!