Monday, March 14, 2005

Meditation is a MUST

I know everyone is just VERY busy. How the hell does one spare time for meditation? Besides, what good is it in this highly competative and stressful world? If you are faced with the same dilema ... here's how Sri Sri Ravishankar, founder of Art Of Living responds. I found a reference to this on one of Art of Living sites.

Question: Meditation calms the mind. It feels good. But in our daily life we have to handle paying bills, parking tickets and other mundane things. How can we do this with the same calm mind without getting irritated or perturbed?

Sri Sri: You take a shower in the morning to clean your body. After that you do all the daily activities. You don't have to keep on taking a shower throughout the day. It is like that. You meditate and calm your mind, then go on with other activities. It is not easy to keep yourself undisturbed but it will happen as you keep doing the practices regularly. Then it will become easy.

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