Wednesday, May 11, 2005

An appointment with dentist

Finally I failed to avoid the inevitable... not unexpected!!!
I had been avoiding the painful treatment of Root Canal... the treatment I DREAD MOST... until lately, maybe!
Since my surgery (called de-impaction) that I underwent in December (check out this interesting post on it), I have been promising everyone at home and my buddies that I'll soon get treated for root canal early Jan '05, as they were much concerned about my frequent tooth-ache complaints, and food restrictions that I imposed on myself, esp chocolates and sweets. But I always found excuses for not taking an appointment. Frustrated, my brother picked this up and took an appointment for 11th Wednesday 1900 hrs (i.e. yesterday)!!! Man, I was so nervous by the time I reached home that my mommy actually started laughing!!! I didn't react.
1845 hrs, I reached the clinic... power was out... secretly I was praying that I'll be sent back saying that too many appointments have piled up due to power cuts. GOD didn't answer my request. I was ushered into room and sat on the chair that MANY people (who have seen dentist) DREAD! 1911 hrs, Doc's wife started peeking into my mouth! What the #@$%! I thought the doc Sr. Suhas Waze who treated me earlier will take it up... I had so much faith in him... in fact it was my faith in him and not the pain that I was there! I got more nervous... But I felt a little relieved that my brother, who is studying dentistry, was besides me! She started her treatment... hmmm... seems pretty competent... but I wasn't confident... she started her drill... the sound of drill sent chills through my spine... For nearly half an hour I was stiff as a rock... expecting that it will pain suddenly taking me by surprise. But to my surprise I didn't experience slightest pain! For a moment I thought all this is just a dream, for my previous 3 root canal treatments, by some other dentist, have been HORRIBLY PAINFUL! I relaxed and she skillfully finished her treatment, at 2015 hrs I vouched that I'll take earliest possible appointment for another root canal treatment, 20th of this month! Later on I learnt that she is indeed an expert in root canal. I now rest my faith in her for root canal!
All the pain I endured by NOT going for treatment all these months out of fear was not worth it!

Yes, I know you are curious to know the details of my dentist...

Dr. Madhavi Vaze, B.D.S, Dental Surgeon (treated me for root canal)
Dr. Suhas Vaze, M.D.S, Maxillofacial Surgeon (treated me for de-impaction)
Dental & Oral Surgery Clinic
7, Geetai Sankil, Ideal Colony, Paud Road, Pune-38.
Timings: 9 am – 1 pm & 5 pm – 8 pm.
Hello: 2544 4776.

Looking forward to one more painless root canal.

I STRONGLY recommend these dentists for your dental treatments!


Sheetal said...

i hope i don't need to see these dentists :)

Siege Perilous said...

Thnks for such a valuable Info.
I guess I need them in a very short time [:(]

BlogyDogy said...

Ha ha! That was really funny. I should say I'm a very brave kid when it comes to dentist episodes. I had 6 tooth removals and a wisdom teeth adjustment and one more on the cards for this summers.

I guess the doctor matters a lot in all cases. I have great faith in Dr. Rashak and his wife (back in Bangalore) and I just keep staring the lamp assuming for all the trouble the tooth gave me, I'm happy taking revenge on it. So assume yourself in a similar war against bad teeth and God forbid, even if it's painful, you'd over come it!!!

Kasturi said...

hey!...i know the extent to which it pains....i have gone through the rootcanal treatment thrice myself and bared the pain before that with same fear of facing the dentist and kept curing it by takin pain killers and restricting food stuff....shhhhh(secret)!!
well but at the end when it was no more beyond my capacity to bare the excruciating pain i had to see the dentist. and the dentist you mentioned has treated one of my major dental surgeries....they are experts at it!
ahhhh ur blog has made me go back to the painful memories!

sam said...

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Marilyn said...

I used to be terrified with just the thought of having the root canal treatment. I'd rather endure the toothaches than have it done. But that all changed after my husband had set me up an appointment with a very skilled
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. Just like you, I was expecting pain. But to my surprise, I didn't feel any pain at all. So after that good experience, I promised my husband to go for regular checkups at the Nashua dental clinic.