Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Fun on weekend

The only thing that I missed last weekend was FOOTBALL :-(
But I don't repent it! For the fact that the reason to miss it was worth it! My cousins had flown down from Ahmedabad specially to spend the weekend with us! So, me, my younger bro, two cousins from Pune and 2 from Ahmedabad, in all we were a bunch of 6 young energetic people set to enjoy ourselves! We don't get such an opportunities often.

We met friday night and spend all the time fighting and arguing, until it was Saturday morning. It was then that we decided to go Mahabaleshwar in just one car (Honda City). The journey was fun, we booked room at Panchgini and headed to Mahabaleshwar. I visit that place VERY often and I should admit that the crowd has dwindled like anything! Yes, not many ppl and crowd wasn't so good either ;-(

On reaching there, we ate all the junk food we could, played some games and then came the MOST boring part... shopping!!! My sisters made me walk through market for nearly 2+ hours and bought almost nothing! We then returned to hotel, (things like this make me believe in GOD ;-) ! We again stuffed some food (it was called Chinese food) and resigned to our room. We played cards, chatted, took photos and then fell asleep watching TV at about 0230hrs Sunday. We woke up at 0800hrs, had breakfast and checked out of the hotel. Then we went back towards Mahabaleshwar for Mapro's Garden. We had the famous Grilled Giant Sandwich, clicked some fun photos and headed back to Pune. On the way back we stopped to click more FUN photos! On reaching Pune, we freshened up and then, some more shopping! (does GOD really exist???) Going to Pune Central on Sunday! Too much crowd! But I had no choice. Went there and again I had to stand/walk/run for nearly 2+ hours!!! My sisters wanted to ensure that Monday morning my legs shouldn't feel that they didn't play football this weekend. And they pretty much succeeded in doing so. After dinner, we went home, had some chat and slept with sad faces since we were to part in the morning!

All in all, it was a VERY SPECIAL weekend and I enjoyed it to fullest!

Now time for some photos:

1. Sexy fiery lotus at Mapro's Garden!

2. Another cute lotus at Mapro's Garden!

3. Fun on the way back home!


Sheetal said...

last snap is really cute :)

BlogyDogy said...

You're had a couple of good points made in this post, which I totally agree with you!

1. Family get-together - becoming rarity of late and makes us crave for it a lot more. You are fortunate buddy!

2. Shopping - I swear man. I had a lot of similar (even worse) experiences doing window shopping in Commercial Street with my friend. She made me sweat when she happily tried every other platinum jewellary in LifeStyle and had the guts to say she hated every piece they had!

BlogyDogy said...

And hey forgot to tell this - the last snap is so cute man! You've noe made me make it to one of my cousin's wedding come what may. I've reached a stage where I've almost forgotten half of my relatives. Thanks to my 3.5 yrs Pilani vacation and this little Pune stint - it's been quite sometime that I caught up with all my cousins!

TaurianLeo said...

The lotus snaps are really cool. Nice photography.