Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nevis Making Noise in Silicon Valley

This post serves 2 purposes...
First is to bust the rumor that I have been abducted by some alien forces, and wanted to reassure I'm very much in this planet, just a little dormant, socially.

Secondly, thought of sharing what's happening in my world and what's keeping me up these days. Some good news to share...(no, sorry, it's not what most of you are thinking ;-)

Under stealth mode for 2+ years, Nevis has been making much noise in the world now. In Silicon Valley, on 14th of this month, we had an official press release, OR Company Launching, as we call it. What exactly 'Company Launch' means for a startup like Nevis. Most importantly, it means we are coming out of our stealth mode and officially announce the range of products we are developing, exact features and timelines for the same. (Thank GOD, I can now discuss openly with my mates what exactly are we doing). We invite leading analysts and new agencies for questionaire, and am glad that all of them were awestruck by the end of session. For interested readers, here are some links that dig into the details of all this company launch thing. But mind you, all these analysts do their own independent study and write what is their view of the product. We don't decide what they write and what not. So, it's interesting to note that we have a market and a unique solution.

0. Revamped Company website: Nevis Networks
1. Information Week
2. Network World
3. EE Times
4. Netwroking Pipeline
5. Business Wire
6. EDACafe

So, what next???
With India's official launch date on 12th of Dec, work's pretty crushing at the moment. But we all are promised a decent vacation at the end of this year. GOD! How much we all are awating that day!!!

Meanwhile, all you Jolie fans, feast your eyes...

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Nevis and you guys! Hope your product is a hit in the market!
Btw, Anju bhabhi is looking as if she's gonna kill someone the next moment !