Sunday, November 06, 2005

Weekend update

Weekend(s) update after a *long* time!
Managed to get 3 days off as Diwali vacation: A well deserved and well earned vacation (yes, 3 days off is really a vacation @ Nevis ...sigh...). I lazed like crazy! Went home for 2 days, enjoyed at Mahabaleshwar for about half a day. Boating, hogging junk food, and lots of driving!
Err... yes, All my readers:
Wish you a Very Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year!

Back to office last friday, there were so few people in the office that I felt all the air around me secretly whisper: "Atul, WTF are you doing here... It's vacation time, go home and enjoy". Alas! Those words fell on deaf ears. After a couple of meetings, managed to get something done and went home early.

Saturday: I left office early so that I can visit Crosswords, they are having a GRAND sale. I don't know the quality of sale, but it was a visit long due. I picked nothing from 'books under sale'. I was interested (& bought) these two interesting titles:
1. The Code Book, Simon Singh
2. Ignited Minds, APJ Abdul Kalam

Just started reading The Code Book, and it sounds very interesting & thought provoking. It's about how-who-when-and-why's about cyptography. And why is that field of science more relevant to common man than ever before.

Sunday: Back to football ground after soooo long (almost 3 weeks). To regain my sanity, this Sunday's session was so important to me that despite the fact that only 5 people turned up for the game, we played for about an hour! WOW! It was so much fun to play after a long break. I believe I have regained enough sanity now to assault the keyboard & get some real work done, at the least until next session.

A few days back, also managed to see 'IMAX: The Greatest Places' Witness the greatest collection of diversity ever produced.
It is an amazing (documentary) film that takes you on a journey to seven of the most geographically dynamic locations on Earth: The Amazon, Greenland, Iguazu Falls, Namib Desert, Okavango Delta, Madagascar, Tibet. It evokes a desire STRONG enough to add these to the list of must-visit places before you die.

Today, the day started with a VERY VERY VERY boring presentation. Wish it doesn't affect rest of the working day. I had a very strong intution right before it started that it's going to be very boring, wish I had quit it right when it started. Next time I'll follow my intution ;-)


Sheetal said...

Happy diwali to you too... 3 days is too less :) i won't even get petrol to work again in 3 days :) i guess u have great stamina :) and better charger ;-)

Amit Parmar said...

Happy Diwali to you too!