Sunday, January 01, 2006

Vacation Blues

With vacation over, today I'm finiding it really difficult to concentrate on work :-(
Where I left my work, where to pick it up from, what to do, new deadlines... GOD! These tasks seem so stupendous. I believe it will take some time for me to come out of vacation blue.

For completeness, here's story of remaining days of my vacation...

On the last 2 days of vacation, i.e.
31st & 1st, I was to my ex-hometown, Mumbai (I still prefer calling it Bombay). It felt so good! Had some work out there & travelled a day sooner for a shopping spree to Heera Panna! WOW! It was so much fun. Though I didn't buy too much, it was fun to see all the clothes and electronics! Enjoyed eating junk food all the day long. Man, food on stalls in Pune is so poor in quality! Eat food on in Bombay stalls once and you will never ever feel like even looking at Pune stalls! Driving there was fun as well, everyone driving to their lanes... you can be just 3 inches away side-to-side to a bus and cruise at 80kmph! A feat you can NEVER think of achiving on Pune roads with Puneri drivers! If attempted, there are 99.999% chances that you will find yourself in hospital soon (and that too *only* if you are lucky enough that GOD is too busy to admit you in one of his rooms up there!) On 31st I shopped so hard that I had no energy left to do anything else, slept too early to give anyone New Year Wishes. Of course the next day, I had to face the heat of my relatives and friends for doing that!

That was all about material world. Philosophically, 5 day break from grinding routine presented an opportunity for deep introspection. Helping me understand what-when-how-why of corrections I need to apply to my daily life. Don't worry, won't bother you with gory details of the same ;-)

Contrary to what you might expect, this is pretty
much all about my 5 days vacation! Nothing too exciting, but not boring either. Now getting back to work...

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Sheetal said...

yeah apart from puneri drivers u shouldn't forget about the roads.. offcourse if they exist :D