Sunday, April 23, 2006

I support job reservations, but

As you might have read in numerous papers, those bloody !@#$ing SOBs (read politicians) are pushing HARD for reservations in elite institutes like IITs and IIMs. As if this weren't enough to seethe common man, they are even pushing for reservations for the *so called* backward classes in privately held companies! While I can go on and on for pages against this move, here's an interesting stand point that I want to share with you guys, my buddy sent it as an offliner to me...

I think we should have job reservations in all the fields. I completely support the PM and all the politicians for promoting this. Let's start the reservation with our cricket team. We should have 10 percent reservation for Muslims. 30 percent for OBC, SC/ST like that. Cricket rules should be modified accordingly. The boundary circle should be reduced for an SC/ST player. The four hit by an OBC player should be considered as a six and a six hit by a OBC player should be counted as 8 runs. An OBC player scoring 60 runs should be declared should be declared as a century. We should influence ICC and make rules so that the pace bowlers like Shoaib akhtar should not bowl fast balls to our OBC player. Bowlers should bowl maximum speed of 80 kilometer per hour to an OBC player. What say?
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Any delivery above this speed should be made illegal. Also we should have reservation in Olympics. In the 100 meters race, an OBC player should be given a gold medal if he runs 80 meters. There can be reservation in Government jobs also. Let's recruit SC/ST and OBC pilots for aircrafts which are carrying the ministers and politicians (that can really help the country) Ensure that only SC/ST and OBC doctors do the operations for the ministers and other politicians (Another way of saving the country)!!!


Sheetal said...

Thats great stand :)

Vishal said...

Well I too oppose the reservation in jobs, but this seems too saracastic. How ever we protest, until the people who oppose reservation go out and vote against these SOB politicos, its not going to change. People who want reservation go and vote and so get what they want. We dont vote so get what we deserve.

rohan said...

well @ Atul... i loved the read...sahi likha hai...
@ vishal...i do prefer sarcastic writing...its like euphemisms...expressing harsh feelings in a sober manner...

Gina Kale said...

Such a short sighted observation. Really feel sorry for what you think! Why don't you read the article posted on the link mentioned below. I am not certain that you'll have an overnight change of mind but may be you might get a better perspective on this issue rather than whining about something that you don't have any indepth knowledge on!

The Shaolin said...

> Such a short sighted observation. Really feel sorry for what you think!
> Why don't you read the article posted on the link mentioned below.
> I am not certain that you'll have an overnight change of mind but
> may be you might get a better perspective on this issue rather
> than whining about something that you don't have any indepth knowledge
> on!

So do I feel sorry for you, Gina...
For you are missing the whole point!!! Well, answer a few questions
and then think again over the issue...
But before that, I should say that I don't have any particular grudge agaisnt OBCs. Hate the way politicians are having their way, for selfish purposes.
- Is 50% really a justifiable number? Do you think 50% of India's population
is dalit?
- Do *real* OBCs ever get benifits of this reservation scheme?
- Have you ever seen an OBC doc performing at Civil hospital?
- Have you ever seen an OBC at college, bloody they used to wear NEW Reebok
shoes every six months 5 years back when they were only available at
custom shops and costed a fortune!
- Have you ever thought about really meritorious students who don't
get admissions because of this reservation business?
- Have you ever seen at the merits of an OBC who gets the admission at elite
- Have you ever wondered why US is coming big time to India, cheap labour
is only part of reason. Real reason is no compromise in quality. Have you
ever thought what havoc will reservation in Private companies cause?

- 50 years gone, how long do you think we should keep favouring them?

- And mother of all reasons... I feel sorry for you that you don't get the
whole point of this reservation business. You think upbringing the
down-troddens is the nobel cause. Please, I beg to differ. Those SOBs
want only votes, and OBC are their vote banks. Dear, you are confusing politics
with nobel causes.

That said, reservation has served it's purpose, we can't keep spoon feeding
them, there are BETTER ways to upbring them. Why don't you (by you I mean
those SOB politicians) open seperate colleges for them? Why don't you give
them jobs at your own places? Why don't you calculate % populations of ppl
who need reservations?

And as a note, I appreciate your views and no hard feelings for you
and your views.

Anirudh said...

Just happened to visit this website through Atul, I am away from India since 2 years, so not updated with Mandal 2 but I think, I would like to share my opinion.

My strong perception is that, because of our old social structure based on caste system, some section of our society has remained backward. This is a shame for us.

However, the authenticity of this has to be measured (and not just assumed) with micro analysis on geographical distribution. This would also help to find efficient solutions.

If substantiated there in no doubt that this section of society, needs some support.

Following which, there is no doubt that we have to help bring this section of our society to main stream society: i.e. educated and economically strong.

This is imperative if we want to compete with other nations in terms of productivity.

How we would compete with other nation, if we divide our self in caste and class and fight with each other. Neither would our human-resource be properly utilised and nor we would be as productive.

Together we have to find good solution to the discussed problem?

“Reservations” was considered to be one type of solution to this problem and it was promoted by makers of constitution for initial 15 years.

This does not make it the single possible solution we can use to overcome our problem??’

We have seen that this solution “Reservations” is being promoted for 58 years now and still there are problems. Why is that? Why have the situation not improved substantially? If its not working why not change the strategy? Why not think of more creative solutions, that bring results faster and are more efficient.

If “Reservations” as a tool is not working to get desired outcome, why not question its merit? Find better solutions?

Further the world economic environment has changed a lot since our independence, the world economic is capitalistic now. We cannot compromise on “competitiveness” in our capitalistic world and competitiveness will only come form quality of people. And with reservations we cannot guarantee a quality recruit. This same reasoning applies to student recruit to schools and universities.

Instead of fighting on reservation issues, we should together come up with innovative solutions!!

My reasoning tells me that that the actual problem is not the “Class” in Morden society but: Education and Economic condition. If the “backward classes” are educated and as skilful they can compete with anyone in the world and be economically sound. I strongly lobby to support “backward class” in education, but not only through “Reservations”, cause its not working!

There is need to provide the weaker sections with good education at no cost. There are successful models around the world that can be benchmarked. There are such systems in many schools and university around the world to help weaker section of society.

“One is to gauge the social standing of the applying candidate in the society; accordingly her part/complete education is financed by school/university”. India Inc. could help part fund such facilities?

the "backward class" is not backward because they are perceived by "unbackward class" to be inferior species or not as intelligent. This is a completely irrational and ridiculous assumption. They are backward because they are uneducated and economically weak. I say this because I know many people who are educated and economically very strong and is from “backward class” of society, they enjoy as good life as any other “unbackward class”.

Its funny for me to use terms like class (backward class), this in itself bring the feeling of difference between humans, which are in all essence very same.

Anonymous said...

thought of sharing this article ... a diffrent perspective ....

This is a forward of a message from AID India.
After the media-frenzy, this article certainly puts some good light over
this issue.
Mathematics of Reservations
- Ravishankar Arunachalam
Imagine that the government came up with a proposal to build a new
world-class technology institution to provide quality education to all
students. Imagine, too, that a debate rages on the viability of building
such an institution - in terms of the costs involved, student quality,
desired outcomes etc. Now, imagine that such a debate takes place with
little reference to IITs or the role they have played in technical
education. Outrageous, you would think ? Yet, something similar is happening
in the reservation debate, both within and outside AID. The record of states
which have implemented OBC reservations already is seldom brought up.
The case of Tamilnadu
States like Tamilndu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have already
implemented reservation for OBCs in educational institutions. I will
restrict my references to Tamilnadu alone, since I do not know about the
situation in other states. In Tamilnadu, the total reservation is 69%, the
split up for which is given below (ref for convenience
Category Population (lakhs) % of Total %Resered
Backward Classes 287 46.2% 30%
Most Backward Classes 129 20.7% 20%
Scheduled Classes 118 19% 18%
Scheduled Tribes 7 1.1% 1%
Others 80 13% -
Total 621 100% 69%
BCs and MBCs of Tamilnadu are together equivalent to the "Other Backward
Castes", as they are referred to in the rest of the country. The most
obvious observation from the table above is that the percentage of
reservations is only equal to or lower than the percentage of the group in
the overall population. So the reservation system is only trying to bring
about proportional representation in educational institutions. It does not
result in a reverse-discrimination (which would mean BCs get more than their
proportional share in order to right historical wrongs), as many people
claim. FCs, who form the "others", still get the bulk of the 31% open-quota
seats even though their population percentage is only 13%.
Overall, the experience with reservation has been very positive, and that is
why there is wide-spread support for it in the state. The government
health-care system in Tamilnadu is better than most other states, and one
reason has been the quality doctors that the system produces, a factor
attributed to reservations. Many of them also opt to serve in rural areas.
Not surprisingly, the TN chapter of the Indian Medical Association supports
quotas for the OBCs.
Now it is not difficult to see why the anti-reservation polemic does not
refer to states like Tamilnadu with an OBC reservation record. It is because
there are no instances of bridges cracking due to faulty design and patients
dying due to incompetent doctors. These are often cited as the potential
dangers due to reservations, either directly or more subtly as "quality will
deteriorate". I am not saying that there are no problems with govt doctors
or hospitals in TN, but these problems are present in other states too, and
the overall quality is still better in Tamilnadu.
Who gets in and who does'nt ?
Of course, forward castes aren't happy with the situation, in spite of
having a larger representation than their proportion in the population. The
problem is that the total number of seats available is so low that most
people are left out. But this is true of every single category, and not just
FCs. Many of us, belonging to the forward castes, have a lot of friends who
are "left out", and feel outraged that its due to reservations ( though many
FC candidates score lower than even the reserved-category cut-off marks, and
still blame reservations!). But the question to ask is: What about the lakhs
of people from the MBCs and BCs who get left out ? There are thousands of
farmers' daughters and weavers' sons who either are unable to get to high
school, or even if they do, do not get adequate support from home and are
unable to afford coaching classes. We seldom know them and do not encounter
them in our day-to-day lives. Yet they are real students, who are not only
unable to get into these seats, but do not even get the opportunity to
compete on an even footing. Are we pre-supposing that these students are all
devoid of merit? According to the math above, for every FC friend of ours,
there are atleast 5 BC/MBC students who were denied the opportunity to get a
seat. Who speaks for them ?
Economic criterion
Such examples immediately bring up the point that reservations have'nt
resulted in what they intended to do. Again, experience in Tamilnadu points
otherwise. There are any number of good students from backward castes who
get into Anna university every year due to reservations, and excel in their
In addition, there is already a provision for excluding the creamy layer of
each caste from reservation (the list of conditions that exclude a person
from enjoying OBC reservation benefits, is at so that only the needy get the
What about purely economic criteria, leaving out caste ? While that might
work in an ideal caste-less society, we have to acknowledge that caste is
still a huge factor governing societal relationships today. Those who think
that "caste is not a factor in urban India anymore", need only look at the
matrimonial columns of any popular newspaper.
The supreme court has also ruled that reservations based on purely economic
conditions is unconstitutional. Besides, economic conditions can easily
change over time, whereas caste does not offer any mobility. That is why,
inspite of reservations, it takes a lot of time for real empowerment of the
lower castes. And just because a caste is "considered" low, it wont become
an OBC. It has to satisfy several conditions to be included as
socio-economically" backward , for example that the proportion of graduates
is 20% lower than the state or local average (complete list of guidelines at The outrageous fact is that there
still are clearly identifiable castes and sub-castes which fall in such
categories, exposing the deep-rooted nature of our caste system.
As AIDers, we have a conscious responsibility to not only appreciate the
problems of those from our castes and backgrounds, but also the millons of
Indians who are generally unable to take part at all levels in the
government education/adiminstration system. Let us go beyond our individual
class/caste biases and take a position on the issue.

Anonymous said...

Politics at its best. i should have taken politics in college its much fun than wrting code ... :) just kidding


The question is NOT ,Whether OBC students should or should not get reservations.

This is a conspiracy by Arjun Singh to destabilize Man Mohan Singh.

When Sonia Gandhi decided not to become the PM, Arjun Singh expected to become the PM as he was the senior most Nehru Gandhi Family loyalist.

That qualification is enough in India for any one to aspire to become Prime Minister.

Out of no where Man Mohan comes to the throne, not only completes 2 years in power but manages to become more popular in India as well as Internationally.

So Arjun Singh starts scheming. His Ministry gives him all the time to play politics. He has carefully asked for HR ministry.
(Remember Narasimha Rao was HR minister before becoming PM and remaining in power for full 5 years.)

And how he has succeeded.

:: Poor Man Mohan Singh has to go out of the way to explain to the media HOW he is not
against reservations for OBC

:: All the MEDIA lime light of last almost 2 years was grabbed by MM Singh,Chidambaram,
Praful Patel,Kamal nath in that order and Natwar Singh for wrong reasons.
:: No Media person ever thought of asking Arjun singh for any interview except briefly
about IIM fees controversy. Today he is the number 1 Media Focus.
:: If the Parliament succeeds in passing the law for reservations, Arjun Singh is the OBC
Messiah Numero UNO, flanked by the Reds and Bhujbals and VP Singhs and such minor
stars in the back rows. If there is no law passed, he is still the messiah, villains being
either MM Singh or BJP or some others.
:: One year before the next elections, Arjun Singh confidently goes to Sonia and says, I can
alone deliver 300+ MPs from Congress or from other parties too (all OBCs) or if
necessary with the support of the Reds, thus being much more stronger claimant of the
PM throne.
:: Crafty PC as usual succeeding on the fence,remember" I am for reservations but my
ministry does not have funds to create new IITs or IIMs.
:: Please note that State of Maharashtra has 27% reservation for OBCs in schools,
colleges and jobs too.
:: There is no such thing in the Home State of Arjun Singh, neither now nor when he was
the CM of that state. Then he did nothing for his OBCs. In MP, OBC politics is not
right for becoming CM. For P.M. game, OBCs are good Pawns.

That is what is happening in India. The SUBJECT is NOT reservations, subject is PM Throne with OBC votes and Educational seats for OBC students is just the Opening Gambit of the Kings Indian Defence.

Arjun Singh himself is a Thakur. If all OBC votes are addded to Thakur Votes with some Muslim Votes, that is lethal combination for Majority seats in the Indian Parliament. Arjun Singh was and is always "so dear" to many of the Muslim clergy.