Thursday, June 29, 2006

Football season starts

Last weekend not very happening, except for the inter-IT tournaments' first match! Due to lack of players, Nevis and Ensim colloborated so as to form one team. This was with express permission from the organizers, Maharashtra Krida Mandal. It sounds only fair for otherwise it becomes difficult to form a good team from an employee pool of about 150 or so to compete with teams from companies employing well over thousands!

To start with, only 3 of us: myself, Balya and Amit S turned up upto 1115 hrs. With match scheduled at 1131 hrs, i.e. just 15 minutes to go, we all grew nervous! But, almost miraclously, lot of people turned up, 4 from Ensim, and a lot of Nevis' own players. We had to push a spectator and a ill guy (which is under a little debate now, for he has a wonderful photo in action with the ball in India Express' Pune News Line supplement) to ground to play, though! Wanting to try some different stragtery, we played with only 3 defenders. Fight was pretty tough, but KPIT Cummins managed to score a goal in the first half itself. It was a little sad, because our defender cried for an off side and left the player, who went and... BANG, GOAL! As you can guess, no off side was given by referee. With tough fight continuing, we making amazing moves which only fell short of golden touches, KPIT getting 2-3 yellow cards for screaming at referee and bad fouls, they were still leading well upto 2 minutes left for the game. It was then when we got our much earned chance. A free kick! Balya asked AmitS to take it. Much under pressure, he came crashing on the ball, now resting before a 7-8 people long wall! Seemd impossible, at least from my end of the ground, last defender. BANG, the ball hits the bar! !@#$! But Garry (aka Girish) comes and give the ball a gentle push in the right direction at the right time, with right force! And YO! GOAL! It was a wonderful draw! Now, we all are eager to play the upcoming match this Sunday against IBM! And BTW, AmitS now walks with an air, that he earned for that amazing kick! Though not like Roberto Carlos' banana kick, it really was a beautiful kick.

Here's SagarB's photo scanned from India Express.

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Sheetal said...

i don't understand football much but then :) i understand u had wonderful time :) :) good going :)