Monday, June 12, 2006

Weekend: Mission Impossible 3 and Abdul Kalam's Ignited Minds

While watching MI-3, playing football twice a week and getting over with Ignited Minds, last week was a little satisfying, I'm feeling increasingly occupied these days, for, I have barely been able to catch up with all my emails. Keeping track of latest news, blogs, and /. is turning simply out of question.

Little reluctant but since I was hard pressed for time, I agreed to watch the last show, which is screened at 11.30 in the night. To ensure that we get the tickets, we reached theatre 2 hrs before screening and spent all my free time at CrossWords. Lo and behold! There lay a feast for me!!! In college days I was hunting for Arthur Hailey's books, but only managed to find it now! The next day I went back and bought 2 of them: Hotel & Overload. Yet to start them. The movie is JUST mind boggling! Action scenes, direction, special effects, everything. It's not yet another boisterously noisy movie! All the action scenes are really directed to perfection. If I were to compare, I would say this one is at least 15 times better than it's predecessor, MI-2. The opening scene, helicopter chase, itself will convince you of what I'm saying. I would strongly recommend to ALL the action freaks out there. Of course, you have to over look the fact that all these movies are based on the theme where Americans create something hellishly disastrous only find its way to enemies. And there a hero steps in, leaving behind his family and love only to save the nation. What you should concentrate on is the quality of action scenes!

For most of the weekend, I was stuck with Jeffery Archer's Matter of Honour. And to the frustration of my mom and bro, I refused to let it down throughout Sat & Sun. It took great pestering and constant nagging from them for me to let it down for a few hours and go out with them, only to finish off my own chore!!! How MEAN!

Let the above review not overshadow the joy I had getting through with Kalamji's Ignited Minds: Unleasing the Power Within India. Book's central theme revolves around the fact that India is indeed greatest of the nations, the way we think US or Japan or UK is. He elaborates on why despite this fact we settle for mediocre quality of life. In very simple words, he puts forth what are India's strengths and how can we build on them: The Youth! India by far has the highest ratio of people in working to non-working class!!! Unlike most veterans, he doesn't go to IIT's and IIM's and encourage them to do better, only to see them run away to US. He focuses on school going kids, even in the remotest of villages, because that is the age where he believes you can create an impression and beliefs that are had to change for the rest of your lives!!! It is so surprising to note that he NO WHERE does he mention the need for reservations, a bill that has thrown a stone in hornet's nest.

Kalamji, one man behind developing Indis'a nuclear prowess, making rest of the world know that we exist on the face of this planet, by any standards is THE ONLY Indian president who is really capable of envisioning the change and knowing how to go about it. It's not a surprise that he lead India Vision 2020, a project that will make India find its place in the list of developed nation. And his BEST part is the fact that he believes in himself, believes in his team, believes in you and believes in me! He believes that we all can make a difference, and tells us how!!! A Must Must Must Must Must x 100000.... read for every damn Indian on the face of this planet, this book should finds it way to your bookshelf. So should be his Wings of Fire.

BTW, as a side note, couldn't resist adding this...
Have you ever imagined a non-Muslim being president of a Muslim country! LMAO! Can't even imagine a non-Muslim raising his voice for equality, forget about leading one!!! Never! But you will find a Muslim leading a country whose majority of population is non-Muslim!!! And that country is India, the only example that you can quote for the real meaning of democracy. Then why the hell all Muslims here create a fuss about their minority? Why the !@#$ do they get carried by the words of those SOB politicians how ignite the rage in them only to ensure they remain in power? They should learn to live harmoniously in India, and not get carried away by anti-nationalist bullshit. Kalamji is once again a very great example demonstrating his utter dislike to racism.


Memoryking said...

Liked your blog.Here is mine "No! Let’s join the self-proclaimed snobs protesting with slogans “Remember your place”, polishing shoes and cleaning premises? Let’s pretend not to see it at all! Damn Reservations!"

Kasturi said...

i havent read the book yet..i guess its a good one..hope to read it soon!

camelpost said...

If you thought Reservations end with admissions in IIT, please read the following from Academics@ IIT Delhi
Department Change at IIT .. A student is eligible to apply for change of discipline at the end of first year only provided he/she satisfies the criteria: CGPA for the General Category students greater than or equal to 7.50 and CGPA for SC/ST category students greater than or equal to 6.50.

MHRD and the job reservation in private sector supporting UGC Chief must be working hard to set new standards for OBCs.
Let my country go to sleep, let my country go to sleep .......

will the respected Finance Minister talk of different income tax rates and bank interest rates for SC ST and OBCs. He should mind his own business. IMHO persons whose upper storey is empty should do