Friday, June 02, 2006

Too much to deal with

With deadlines zeroing point-blank on me, last week was very hectic, but weekend getaway to my colleague, Sonia's wedding reception was GREAT! Well, I would say it was rather adventurous, money-wise! In all 9 people were planning to go to Mumbai for this function. All jovial, we went ahead and booked a full BIG private vehicle to commute to and fro Mumbai. What came next was too disappointing, people backed off. Due to some personal reasons, they had to cancel their trips, and guess what, only three of us (myself, Sagar, and Arun) end up going together! The car rental guy refused to cancel MUV and give us a smaller car. What this means is that we it won't be as much fun as we anticipated. The whole idea of booking a private vehicle was to have privacy and make as much noise and fun as we want without disturbing others. Anyway, with wonderful weather, and the idea of getting away from work for some time was good enough a reason to maintain our gaiety. Finally at 1601 hrs (an hour past planned time), we embarked on a wonderful journey towards Mumbai. On the way, we hogged on to snacks at Datta Snacks Center.

Above: Me (R: white shirt+cream trousers) and Sagar (L: black trousers)

Below: Arun (R: in T-shirt)

Reaching the reception hall myself and Sagar spent some time going around and checking the hotel, because I found it extremely unnatural and difficult to keep mouth shut and behave like a good boy in the reception hall with people around. I was gasping in awe, when Sonia and Sameer, the Bride and the Groom stepped into the room. Man, they were looking amazing:

L-R: Boney, Sagar, Me, Sameer, Sonia, Madhura & Arun.

Though I was very hungry and intended to jump off my seat as soon the time dinner was laid down, I ended up eating only piece of the mouth-watering chocolate cake and kulfi. wish I had more if cake for even after a week I can't forget the taste! We came back the same night. Reached Pune on Sunday morning at 0301 hrs. Exhausted I slept and DAMN IT... couldn't get up for the football game. I still feel so guilty for letting that happen.

But, fun ends here. This doesn't go well with the above post, but thought of sharing, nonetheless...
What came next, on Monday evening, was shattering.... I got a call that my maternal Grandmom has passed away. All the wonderful memories I had with her came flooding to my mind. She was keeping terribly ill since a couple of weeks and had just returned from ICU a week back. Whenever I felt feverish, or had a fever, I would go to her, and she would make me a steaming hot cup of magical tea. A cup of it inside my body, and the next day there would be no trace of illness! Such was the power of her love. But, everything that takes birth has to die, every beginning has an end. I wish her Soul Rests in Peace. With this bereavement, this week too has turned out to be pretty taxing.


TaurianLeo said...

Hey Atul,
Sorry to know about your Grandma. May her soul rest in peace.
Thanks for sharing Sonia's photos.

Kasturi said...

Hey Atul,
I am going through ur blog after a long time...I am sorry to know about the demise.
Two unrelated and totally ironic incidents happening one after the other can leave anyone puzzled.