Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm sick!

Thank GOD, only in literal sense. Not in the sense of 'A Sick Moron!' That explains another break in posts. And also those lousy statuses on messenger. Lot of things have happened meanwhile! None of them encouraging enough:-(

Football, as you can guess, will be amongst the first I'll talk about...
2 weeks back, at TMKM inter-IT tournament, it was match against PSPL, the bunch (please excuse me) of morons!!! Well, not all, but a major of them! We drew 0-0 against those bunch of arrogant beasts. They played well, pretty damn well, but only if the game was to be termed as American Football, which it wasn't! Referee awarded us foul kicks every 5 mins on an average! They kicked players and not the football, they hit one of the players so hard, that he puked on the field! Yeeks! Can you imagine playing against such morons :-( Anyway, with lack of full strength, we managed
to just draw. Last week we played against was Wipro. I was so out of health, I couldn't even manage to be amongst the audience. We started with 8 players and reached 11 only until very late. They thrashed us 4-0 in the first half itself. And the score remained there for rest of the game.

I caught cold, rather, let me put this way, common cold got hold of me 2 weeks back. Trying to test my immunity (a big mistake as I would realize a day after), I thought I would take it. The very next day I was out of action, bed-ridden for most of the day. After a day's worth of dose, that my family doc prescribed, I felt confident and energetic. Having a big time itch of getting something done, I went to office on Saturday, hoping to cut on the backlog. Was right only about clearing backlog, for, this week, the cold came back & with vengeance!!! And hit really hard on me. Yesterday I couldn't take it any longer and had to leave office immediately to see my doc. Even while I tried to breath harder, forget about sneezing or clearing nasal tract, the result would be electrifying shocks through my head. Anyone having had severe common cold can imagine, withouth doubt, what I'm talking about.

With no sun for 3 weeks straight, constant rains, everything around wet and soaked in water, !@#$ing bad roads, maddening traffic, bad health for more than 2 weeks now, & last but not the least deprived of football has driven me crazy. But once a while, not very often, everyone should fall a little ill, because it helps drive right into your brain the fact: Health is Wealth. Though not completely relevant here, I'm tempted to quote something Sri Sri Ravishankar said, very aptly:
We spend half of our Health to earn the Wealth,
And then, we spend half of that wealth to earn back our Health!

That, sadly enough, is the typical western culture we Asians (esp. Indians) are picking up, all this while the rest of world, including Americans, are dying to catch on some of ours! Wherever the centuries old Oriental wisdom disappeared :-(

In the heat frenzied of activities, I did manage to finish off Bill Bryson's The Short History of Nearly Everything (TSHNE), watch Pirates of Caribbean-2 (POC-2), read through Arthur Hailey's Overload and maybe something more.

To keep it short, TSHNE, is an amazing book. Bill has done enough research and digested everything for us in a very concise form, TSHNE. He touches on almost everything, from birth of universe through birth of Earth, through the birth of humans and everything in between. How universe works, how our body works, Newtonian mechanics to Quantum, Geology, Astronomy, DNA, and only GOD knows what not. And oh, did I forget to mention GTR, General Theory of Relativity & the petty fights, differences, arrogances that existed (and still exists) in the scientific world that only hampers its and our growth, my personal favourites! It's difficult to be interested in ALL of above at once, but the book is really worth your time for the breadth of knowledge it exposes you to. And some very interesting anecdotes.

As to POC-2, it doesn't make the impact of POC-1, and find it only to be a teaser to the final (and hopefully) concluding part, POC-3. But what the movie is worth watching for is, as usual, Johnny Depp & movie's mind-blowing special effects. The movie sets & locations are just out of the world, very well suited to the movie theme. Well, of course, not as enchanting as After the Sunset!

Will talk about Overload later! Meanwhile, grab a copy of TSHNE, and a DVD of POC-2!


Sheetal said...

Hey Atul... hope you are doing fine now.. Get well soon buddy :)

Gaurav Roy said...

We spend half of our Health to earn the Wealth,
And then, we spend half of that wealth to earn back our Health!

First we have
1 Health

Then we spend half health for 1 wealth.
So we have
1/2 health and 1/2 wealth.

Then we spend half wealth to get health back.

In the end we have
1 Health + 1/2 Wealth.

So overall gain is of 1/2 Wealth.
Profitable deal if you ask me. Just kidding boss.

Chandresh said...

Hey Atul get well soon..You are writing too good man !! This inspires me to start my own blog..I will need your guidance for that !!

Vaarun said...

Your description of "The Short History of Nearly Everything" really tempts me to read it. Maybe I will.
Get well soon dude, and remember to keep in touch :-)

Siege Perilous said...

TSHNE was gifted me on my Budday... but couldnt yet started reading.
will do soon .. thnx to ur review !!