Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekend Update

Waiting for the details of new assingment to be communicated to me, I thought of posting a weekend update.
Nothing exciting happened over the weekend...
Saturday, I had been out to do some household chores, then went to Shooper's Stop as they had Sports sale of up 50% off. As you can expect out of any sale, any thing worth buying is never discounted above 10%, this sale was not exception, and I walked out disappointed.

Sunday football was disappointing, as not many people turned up and had to do away with short (8/9 aside) game. After a long time, I chilled out at nearby food joint with buddies after the game. And to top it off, I also had VERY VERY sootihng Jacuzzi after more than 2+ months! Evening was fun as we thrashed UGS at basketball with a whooping difference of about 10 points! Most of the points we scored were on counter attack, and yet the opposite team just refused to mark our start scorer (Ravi) who was standing near their basket for most of the game, and waiting for a direct throw from our end.

I saw
After The Sunset some time back.
I'm not a fan of Bond, and never got myself to like bond movies. For that matter, I hardly devoured any of Brosnan's movies. But this movie changed my view, Brosnan is after all a good actor.

Plot goes something like this....
2 master thieves (Brosnan & Hayek) decide to retire to their tropical paradise after one last successful mission. Not convinced, a FBI agent, who was fooled and stupified in Brosnan's last successful mission, follows them to ensure that this is indeed the case. While Hayek is setteling in new life, Brosnan is still contemplating whether to go for the last diamond chase or not. Will he cheat Hayek? Will the agent finally catch him red-handed? Will Hayek assist him? Is this retirement just a veil over their secret plan? I won't spoil your thrill by asnwering any of these.

Brosnan's acting is cool, he seems so casual, care-free, unassuming and relaxed. This demeanour is bound to leave a lasting impression on you.

But what makes me urge you to see this movie is:
Firstly, the mind-numbing, breath-taking, stupefying beauty of the location where this movie is shot: The Islands of Bahamas. If were to believe that there exists a heaven, I cannot imagine how much different can it be from this location! Sparking blue transparent water all over, with wonderful clean beaches, and an amazing houses overlooking them! I almost sweared that I would visit this place once in my lifetime, and I bet so would you!

Secondly, (yes you guessed it right), Salma Hayek. A babe know for her break in Desperado, this is first movie of hers that I saw. I should admit that he's *damn* hot! I suspect if she knows even an ounce of acting, but she just flaunts her glamarous body, and is freaking damn good at it ;-)

Also saw Laws of Attraction, starring Brosnan and Julianne Moore, this is a movie about 2 top notch divorce lawyers. Brosnan advocates that poeple should fight to save marriages with every ounce of strength and Moore having utter hatred for marriage. Fate gets them to fight against each other, and then starts an interesting tangle of love, hatred and professionalism! An interesting movie to watch. Not all of you might like this movie, but if you are looking for a romantic flick, be sure to grab this one, worth watching once.

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Sheetal said...

movie plot looks cool... will watch it sometime.. :)