Saturday, August 06, 2005

Even IE7 sucks and will continue to do so

GOD, people are pressing my pressure point today! And once again, in intense heat of work, I'm FORCED to post this (out of morality, morality of sharing information that saves my mates from doing some brain-damaged activities)

In line with my previous post '
M$ IE (Internet Explorer) SUCKS' I recommend you NOT to use IE anymore. Or should I say "Grow up, give up IE and regain your sanity!"

Dive in for
Mozilla's Firefox OR equally good Opera (I know you might argue the very adjective 'equally', but let's save that debate for some other post)

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) Lead Program Manager Chris Wilson's post is disappointing because Microsoft doesn't plan to fully support the latest CSS standard in IE 7.0. Instead of using well-established Web standards, IE 7.0 will continue to foist proprietary technologies on Web developers, forcing them to choose between two competing ways of creating Web sites.

I'll talk no further and point you to this link:
IE 7.0 Technical Changes Leave Web Developers, Users in the Lurch

Once again, I repeat:

If you don't want to foster monopoly
If you don't want to curb fair competition
If you don't want to be a kid
If you want to grow up
If you want to improve your web-browsing experience
and last but not the least
<>If you don't want to your PC to be host for spywares & adwares & not turn it into some dumbass zombie, popping porn advertisments every often, then get up &
<>Get REAL broswers: Mozilla's Firefox OR Opera!


Mahesh Venkat Adusumelli said...

Hey atul,
True that IE has many loopholes for spyware to infect your system, but they can always be modified.

Mozilla luckily comes with default security setting which are more restrictive.

The advantage of IE over Mozilla is that some times Mozilla has problems with some proprietry Microsoft web technologies.

The best idea is to use IE with modified security settings (if you have to patience to tweak it) and using Microsoft Anti Spyware (my system has been clean without any spyware after using MS anti spyware.. no other worked as good as this) and some firewall software like Zonealarm. Combined with a good anti virus package (i know everyone uses Norton or something, but my recommadation goes to AVG which is shareware and does not need to be cracked like Norton)

Try out this combination of modified settings of IE with ZoneAlarm, MS Antispyware and AVG , you should not face any problems with IE.

(BTW spyware makers are targetting Mozilla too and mozilla will also face what IE is facing within 3-4 years.. MARK MY WORDS.)

Aditya said...

Its been a while since I've had to deal with nuisances like spyware, viruses, worms, IE, etc.
For that matter its been over three years since I last lost my data due to OS crashing.
I've never had to use any anti-spyware, anti-viruses, external firewall programs and I've never had to bother cracking a software, bothering about limited functionality of sharewares or paying a hefty sum to get the complete thing.
I think you get the jist of what I'm saying. Wake up, if you can!!