Saturday, October 27, 2007

My buddy's blog

All you technophiles out there, my chaddi-buddy, my darling friend, my alter-ego one of my closest friends over a decade (touchwood) is into blogging now! Presenting you: Arun (aka Anna! Beware only I can call him Anna, you guys should resort to back to plain Arun!)

He promises some great things in his 'Hello World' post, so Anna, we all are looking up to your blog! And I know you will live up to our expectations!

And you guys... don't ditch visiting my blog :-D

Note: Well, he didn't say this, but I trust my blog inspired him to start one of his own ;)


VAM said...
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VAM said...

Hey Atul,

Arun has linked your blog incorrectly .. Instead of linking it to [] he has linked it to []