Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mocking the M$ Vista

M$ has spent $$$s of the tune of millions on this 'Windows Vista WOW' campaign. And see how beautifully someone counters them. I don't know the origins of the Apple Adv, nor if it is even authentic... but whoever did it, it's a master piece of mockery!

I have used Vista on my brother's new ThinkPad T61 (T43 rocks, though!) and MacBook Pro now for a while... and I was LMAO hard when I saw these!!!

Technically speaking, it is freaking true... Vista is a big time sucker. It is so slow, that it got on my nerves the first hour I used it. Even my bro, who is not tech-savvy, and hates Unix to the core, got freaked out the moment he started using Vista. And still curses me for giving him laptop with Vista :D What freaks the hell out of me even more is the fact that all the !@#$ing vendors give ONLY vista by default! They charge some $100 or so for XP! And Vista ain't any good to run on high end laptops. It's good only on THE HIGHEST end laptops. The eye candies Vista claims to provide is still inferior to what Mac does. The security BS that M$ keeps giving us, it's been there in every single Unix since ages: User Access Control, Firewalls, and what not.
Here's what comes to my mind:
Given enough time and money, eventually Microsoft will re-invent Unix!

But, here comes the killer... even Mac OS X isn't too great! :D Pretty bold statement huh!
What rocks is only pure good old Linux. I don't like the tabs and controls Mac provides, they are just not enough for me. Maybe I'll write some good posts to substantiate this. But, for one, things you can do from shell is not as seamless as you can do from Linux.
Ex. If I want to start gvim (i.e. graphical vim) in linux shell I just have to
$ gvim i_love_vim.txt # and the magic begins!

on Mac I have to
$ open /Applications/baah/Macgvim blah blah # forgot what I was supposed to do?
... which is better? Esp when you use something a hundreds of times a day!

There is no 'Run Command' kind of menu option, just the Finder (or whatever it's called). I do Alt-F2 and here pops the window on KDE for me to fire commands. Every 1 in 10 times I wake Mac Pro from sleep, it hangs on me. Every 4-5 hrs it hangs on my colleague, without putting it to sleep!
But yes, if you talk of fancy eye candies... [LU]nix is not there yet. And Mac beats the hell out of all the OSes. But !@#$ the graphics if you can't get any work done, efficiently (efficiently, here, is THE the key word!).

Mac fanatics and Vista fanatics (vista fanatics... well I'm sure they do exist.... in the figments of our wild imaginations) are gonna pounce on me now:) I believe Windozes are just not engineer's OSes. But I'm not interested in starting OS war, so I might not respond-to/delete flame comments :) Every one has her own needs, and chooses the OS that best suits her. I chose mine, and have never looked back ever since :) Good or bad, that's all relative. They are just conveniences... man-made illusions... only personal preference... there are no absolutes in life, except absolute bullsh!t ;-)

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priti said...
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priti said...

i haven't finished reading this blog.still i am commenting!
true_i find vista unnecesary, atleast to have it as 'inbuilt'is totally unwanted.
when i wanted to buy laptop(high configuration_in which vista comes inbuilt)for my kind of designing work,i was shocked to know that no pirated software will run on vista.rather they made a point that they want to control piracy so they have this kinda control OS thing.also i heard many complaints from cliques that even if they have it, vista truly *sucks* for n number of things. and its a headache:(
so now i have to buy original cad softwares:O? if i have to use high configuration kind of laptop which i need for other needs of work,and if i want vista to support my work..
those who are settled in interior industry for long hardly have original softwares.that too they get it after actual raid, police warnings.then forget about those who just started on..
definately technology is expensive but to buy one,how rude of them to cut wings first and raid later!
i guess vista is not for general mass.
how if i install another OS in the same laptop and run my programmes on it? clueless.
tell me any other way out?

The Shaolin said...

I think your best bet is to buy XP, rip off Vista (and in process, probably invalidate your warranty!) and use the softwares you want to. I would say it's worth the effort!

Darth Chatri said...

A few observations that I have made:
1. Doing anything in Vista takes at least twice as time as in Kubuntu 7.10 (notable exceptions being the everything freezing, getting the blue screen of death and system crashes; but hey aren't these great mechanisms to ensure you backup regularly?)
2. Booting Vista takes a ridiculous amount of time. And I mean getting a working desktop, not the login screen. Kubuntu 7.10 takes about 1 min 15 secs to be up and running. Vista takes somewhere between 6-10 minutes (I don't know exactly, I fell asleep waiting).
3. Ever seen compiz? Beats the hell out of Mac OSX in eye-candy.
4. Font rendering in Vista is sad.
5. Windows still doesn't have a powerful command shell (umm ... one which supports programming constructs).
6. Why can't Windows support virtual desktops?? Is MS brain dead?? I've been using virtual desktops for years now. They make life so simple.
7. How can anyone live with processes that keep reading you hard disk in the background and keep utilising CPU for no useful reason whatsoever? I'm talking of anti-virus softwares.

All the above apart, can someone tell me why it takes so damn long to do anything in Vista?

Abhijit from Miraj said...

ya its the truth. One of my friend has a laptop with AMD 2Ghz with Vista and the system is so terrible that he starts the laptop and goes to take bath and even when he comes back still the system is not opened fully. With vista it takes lots of ur disc space and also ur ram. It slows down everything.

And thos M$ bastards have made it compulsory to purchase the OS.

Even if u want to change to XP u wont get all the drivers so some of the functions are lost. And this is not we want to happen to the system.

So the better option would be increase ur ram and when u purchase laptop take one with higher processor ability