Tuesday, October 19, 2004

M$ IE (Internet Explorer) SUCKS!!!

IE *SUCKS* for sure and my belief only got reinforced yesterday night when I spent about 2+ hours fixing my sluggish home computer. No, it's not slow coz I've a Celeron 400MHz, 64MB Ram and Win 98. It was working fine until it's sluggishness got onto my nerves. Once I learnt that my brother uses IE to browse net, I looked no further. I knew that %&^*ing IE must have let in lots of spywares and unwanted programs on my system. I grep'ed through sys directories, startup config and Add/Remove programs only to find thousands (I literally mean thousands!!!) of unwanted files, couple of unwanted/suspicious programs and startup entries. It was a gruelling task to get rid all of them and my system is now back to it's normal speed. Thank GOD my Hard Disk hasn't crashed (Touch Wood) which I strongly suspected for my PC slowdown.
Well, why the hell am I telling you all this!
So here's the MORAL: Trash that *&^#ing IE and get Opera[1] or Firefox[2]. These have hoards of features that IE cannot match. Hiding images, built-in Pop-up blocking and Tabbed browsing being my FAVOURITE! Hiding images enables me save browsing time since it doesn't download images to be displayed and saves me embarassement when it doesn't display those kinky gifs found on many sites!
Well, here's[3] more why you should use them.

[1] http://www.opera.com/ (download here)
[2] http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/ (download here)
[3] http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/why/


Aniket said...

Hey Atul, nice blog you got up here.

It's good you don't use M$ IE. Firefox is a really amazing browser. Come to think of it, all Mozilla products are very good. The best thing being, they're free!

Balaji R said...

Atul, I use Firefox and would surely recommend it. It provides features of adding custom toolbars and using custom style-sheets for individual JS-based websites. The only thing you ought to know is HOW! Also, Firefox has some really cool extensions. They got RSS feeds in before the others. It surely is ahead in the race.

Aditya said...

What took you so long to realise that IE sucks? I wonder what you are doing with windows in the first place, especially after stuff like Mdk 10 existing. Take a cue, migrate before its too late. And migrate the rest of them with you. It's not impossible, I did it :D