Monday, April 03, 2006

Last week: Part boring Part fun

With a holiday in middle of the week (Thursday) this was by and large a pleasant week, for after a really long long time I managed to visit theatre. Watched Cellular, a movie that I've been wanting to watch since past 2 months. More on movie later.

Saturday was very tough. God knows for what reason, the moment I woke up, my state could be perfectly described as: annoyed, agitated, restless, and listless. No bad dreams, no nightmares, nothing too bad the preceding night. Still it was so depressing in the morning. This is typical of the days when you suddenly stop and wonder the sole purpose in your life!!! Where you want to be, what you want to be, why you want to be what you want to be, and all that apparently annoying questions occupy your cranium box, leaving space for nothing else. You tend to track back in your life and search for that one good moment, one good incident, one good word someone spoke of you... anything you can hold onto and get through the blues. It wasn't much fun getting over saturday. Don't know why am I reminded of a post by my colleague :-S

But.... touch wood come Sunday and football set it all right! It is just an hour or two in the whole week where I get to forget all the (social, professional, political, moral, ethical...) worries and just live in the present moment. Just like a small kid, oblivious to the worldly worries. To add to fun, this weekend game was so just GREAT, perfectly balanced teams, with individual game at its minimum. Return of a couple of old timers (viz. Ashwath, Kapil & Shashank) added to the quality of game. Anytime someone scored a goal, the other team scored almost immediately! It was a close fight with a score of 3-4. Both the teams made spaces, trying simple passes most of the times. Unlike lot of past games, hardly anyone attempted to make, as Sam likes to put it, the elusive magical passes. This game was technically far superior than lot of last games.
I tried joining a club so that I can enjoy football sessions more often than once a week, but busy schedule kept me from following through it. Maybe I should retry!

On professional front, I have moved back to my Mentor's team, something, I should admit, I've been secretly longing for. I don't know why I consider him my mentor, or for that matter, why should he mentor me... I guess it's because it is so much fun to be lead by a person who is always bubbling with energy (greatly contrasting his gray hair), tackling every problem with equal rigour and sincerity, pushing you off your limits, but extending a helping hand so that you don't stumble, and doing all that with a good sense of humour. I want to learn as much from him as I humanly can.

That pretty much summarizes my status quo. Too much to write, but will continue in coming posts: Book reviews, movie reviews, technical tips and some more personal stuff!

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