Sunday, April 16, 2006

Weekend in the Abyss of Amazons

This was a pretty boring weekend. Maybe because, we drew Saturday's match against BMC (0-0) and lost Sunday's match against Kanbay (3-0). We wanted to take BMC down. Wining against Kanbay was not in our minds, that's one of the best teams in our pool, but at least we wanted to score a goal or two.

Wanting to see it for a long long time, I managed to watch Amazon Abyss. This is BBC's expedition to the depths of Amazon waters, place where NO ONE has ever ventured! With waters so murky that you can hardly see what's 10 inches away (even with world's MOST sophisticated camera), multitude of fishes and reptiles, a good number of which are predators, this expedition is as much fearsome as much it is fun. All the time predators know you are there but you don't have a slightest clue of who lie in ambush. You are venturing into completely unknown territory. It's not at all fun to be surrounded with ants whose bites sting and pain for more than a day, fishes that burrow into your flesh, predators who can swallow you alive (Anacondas!), fishes who can blow you unconscious underwater with thunderous 600 volts of electric shock (electric eel) and other hundreds of them which are never heard of! All your might and strength on land is no match to even the smallest of predators down there, and the small that I'm talking about just just 2-3 centimeters long! Check this out to see what kind of predators they discovered!

These people shot more than a dozen species that were never ever seen alive, leave alone shooting then wandering in their natural habitats. Discover a handful of new species and still claim there's MORE to discover!!! The whole journey, recorded as 2 and a half an hours documentary, is just mesmerizing. After seeing this, I feel so much thrilled. There's no limit to what a human can do and to what extent he can go to pursue his dreams and goals. But I also feel gloomy wondering what am I doing to my life in this artificial concrete jungle, and trying to conjure up artificial intelligence. These people made a difference. I too want to.

I visited the tropical forests of Annamalai and enjoyed it very much. But that was 2+ years back, and I haven't a break after that. Now I'm charged up to take one, a BIG one (but only if I can convince my boss, sigh). Oh, I recall I promised I'll post on it, but never did. Now it's too late. But I'll make a point to share some good snaps that I clicked there.

This site, Foliage Outdoors, is a good starting point to start planning.

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