Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Weekend Update

This week was a little more happening, despite the fact that I got to bed very late which resulted into sluggish mornings at office.

First was Sweta's nth birthday, (where n is a finite natural number greater than 0) and her hubby wanted to throw a surprise party for her. But unfortunately, he committed a BIG blunder: he mailed us, and mistakenly included Sweta also in the list! He tried recalling the mail (possible in Outlook) but that was next to useless (it's no surprise given the fact that M$ sucks!). Party was fun, nonetheless. Most of Sweta and Manish's old gang had gathered. It was so much fun to see them reunite. My hostel days came flashing: those late night chats, firings from rector, harassing roomies, grand feast in mess, Sunday night dinner outings, slogging in PLs, submissions, birdwatching after day's hard studying, long drive on bikes, etc. Looking at me, someone would guess I was getting bored and leftout, but I had ball of time watching their reunion. Man, I envy both of them SO much :-(

Then comes the cake, it was just mind blowing. So soft and tasty, that by the time I was done hogging on it, I hardly had any appetite for main course dinner! I hogged on it like there's no tomorrow.

That was followed by amazing Sujata Mastani.

(L-R: Boney, myself & Arun. You can see marked difference in my alertness comapred to first photo. I had hogged on to too much food)

Then, as usual, comes football! Though I was a little apprehensive about Nevis participating in 7 a side tournament, it turned out to be interesting. In tournament matches, you can't experiment much, if you commit a blunder, it might cost you a match, reducing your chances of reaching next level. Played 2 matches, Sat & Sun, both early morning 0630 hrs. First match we lost against MBT 1-2. Another we drew 0-0 against Bindview. Personally, I was satisfied with my game. Though difficult for me to point out exact improvement, buddies standing outside gave compliments that my game has improved, they could tell that I was in touch of the game. All thanks to Sunday games, to the rescue once again! Can hardly concentrate on work with anxiety for matches this weekend!
Sunday also marked the end of
4-month endless excruciating search for that perfect floaters for my feet. After taking 2 years worth of wear-n-tear in all seasons, they are structurally still perfect, but too worn out on the exteriors to be worn at office regularly. The ones that I had are now discontinued by Reebok. Once you are spoilt by such good quality stuff, it's difficult you will like anything else. The ones that you like are way too costly to be justified as a footwear, and the rest are too sloppy to be used. I ended up buying Woodland shoes, a little reluctantly.


Sheetal said...

Wow.. Looks like u had gala time in party.. its good to see arun after so many days/months/years :) :) All the best for you footBall Matches :)

Kasturi said...

hehehe...i know once my friend did it for her roomy's surprise bday party too! we still keep pulling her leg!