Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Atul meets Ash!

Aahh... It's been VERY long I posted something...
I bet your a$$ you clicked on the link only because you thought I met Bollywood's Aishwarya Rai! See... there are many ways to lure people into visiting your blog :-P
I've NOT been able to post a lot of new things that I'm learning here at CMU, only because of the amount of time and rigor it takes to write a good post. I don't have time even to itch :D Already have a backlog of so many posts :(

Why this post then? That's because my brain's completely saturated right now and can't get a bit out of it... anyone taking 15-410 and working on P2 can understand what exactly do I mean!
Ok, so amidst this frenzied activities, my really really old hostel buddy Ashwin (aka Ash) came to Pitt.

Ash, blissfully happy, reading his GF's email on his blackberry!

Not a great timing, but we had an opportunity to re-unite maybe after a decade!!! Thanks to Ash that he reminded me a zillion times that he's coming down to Pitt, and we better meet. I promised him we'll meet, didn't know how will I make it. And he was here only over the weekend with plans to fly back on Monday. I won't mortify you guys with _how_ I managed it (Atul, thank you soooo much for saving us the pain to read that ;-) ) so here's the reunion photo:

Ash and Atul in SCS atrium (yes, I'm aiming at Jackie Chan's Drunken Master-2 hair style!)

It was after weeks that I was sitting chatting with a buddy wearing a completely relaxed demeanor! I bet others around must have doubted that I quit 15-410!
Sorry Ash that I we couldn't have excellent Indian lunch that you promised to treat me with :( It's always so exciting to connect with old-timers! (read every one of those links, if you have time!)
Thanks a lot for being persistent and patient, Ash :-)

Bonus photo: Cool dude waiting for the shuttle!

Equipment: Sony W700i
Photo Credits: Self

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