Sunday, October 24, 2004

Collateral: Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx

Collateral (n.) Serving to support or corroborate.
A large portion of “Collateral” takes place inside the taxi (how boring). Tom Cruise sports as a hard-hearted contract killer assigned a task to knock off five people (apparently key witnesses to some crime committed by off-shore narco-trafficking cartel) in single evening. It looks so atrocious that Tom kills everyone and anyone who comes his way. On this killing spree, circumstances force him to hijack Max' cab and Max (Jamie Foxx) becomes "Collateral", an unwilling accomplice. The relationship between the Max and Tom is strange and twisted, never ever culminating into anything concrete. They eventually become inter-dependent in a way none of them imagined. The movie is NOT at all action-packed as might be advertised. If anything, the background music for most of the movie is to be appreciated [rather the only thing to be appreciated ;-) ] Though I won't reveal the end, it's more than pathetic, unexpected but not for good.

Movie is as boring as hell, tooooo much babbling and lack of any actresses only adds to boredom :-(.
In short NOT worth the viewers' TIME and MONEY.

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