Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Village: Mr. M.Night

Hey buddies, I saw ‘The Village’, and irrespective of what views (generally negative) people hold about that movie, I rate it as "class one” movie! Don’t expect too much of horror, nor should you expect it to be fast paced like other Holly movies. It’s damn slow, but the direction is of unprecedented quality. Yes, even without any of the special effects, Mr. N. Shamalayan has done an amazing job of directing it meticulously. If you see the cast, you will feel as if each one of them was *born* only for his/her role! Bryce Dallas Howard as Ivy Walker who acted blind woman is the one to look out for! If you have an eye for details, this *is* the movie for you. If you haven’t seen it yet, … yes you guessed it right, I would urge you to see it once. And guess what... it has got a *cute* love story too! Well, not kinda romantic movie, though. Well, if this is not all, it has got great cinematography, dialogues and proper use of sound!
Warning! Don't expect it to be as great as Sixth Sense, it will only disappoint you :-(

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Jessica said...

I like the movie a lot also. Can't figure out why everyone was saying how terrible it was.