Monday, October 11, 2004

The Terminal: Steven Speilberg & Tom Hanks

Yes, the movie is worth watching, but of course, only if you like Hanks. It is far from bad, but at times quite obvious and bollywood-ish at other times :-(
Despite all this, what I liked in the movie??? Tom Hanks (Viktor Navorksi) has acted very well, speaking broken English for most of the movie. The direction at airport is done pretty well. For Cathy fans, nothing much in there, but she, for sure, look DAMN sssssss....sweet! (I know what you guessed here, but hard luck lol)
To sum up, this movie cannot be rated as Mr. Speilberg's finest of the movies, it barely crawls towards 'Good', but if wanna kill time and/or like Hanks, it is a 'must-see'. It's kind of comedy movie with lots of emotional stuff into it. Personally I expected much more from Mr. Speilberg.

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my MADy world said...

i think it's a cute movie, though i may say quite un-spielberg... you're right catherine zeta jones is really sweeeet here and pretty as usual!!!