Sunday, October 17, 2004

Miraculous victory against Tata Technologies!!!

Ya, you read it correct, we have beaten'em, with 1-0!!! Calling it miraculous not because it happened as a result of some ground breaking miracle, of course unless you call constant practice a miracle :-) It's miraculous for the fact that Tata is one of the toughest teams in our pool and most of us at Nevis being newbies. Tata had control of the ball for more than 60% of the game, with first half ending at 0-0. Sometime after the start of second half, Ranjeet (captain, a man with relentless will to win) made an amazing pass along the left flank and the ball landed to be in Amit Singh's control, one of the most promising forwards in Nevis' team. Moving along the flank he dribbled everyone coming his way and started moving inwards, in the direction of the goal, when he was intercepted by one of the defenders. OOps :-( He could have easily cut him off and then taken a direct shot at the goal. But not wanting the glory of scoring at the cost of chance of conversion, he saw another of the forwards, Amit Shindore, rushing in. He lofted the ball towards him, ensuring the he doesn't have to foul with an off-side. Making full use of his well built body, Amit Shindore, kept the keeper from disturbing his poise and simply headed the ball! Whoosh!!! Bang!!! And there went the ball directly into the nets!!! Yuppie!!! Indeed an amazing goal! We are now leading with 1-0!

With only a few minutes to go and tension mounting on the opposite team, they made some amazing moves, with almost 6 players rushing into our 'D' area, until our defenders got them by balls by foiling all their attempts to rush into strategic positions by means of 1-2 1-2 passing. Not to forget Shrirang who almost paralyzed their left flank making attempted attacks from that side useless. So much were they pissed off and desperate to score that they started losing patience and taking direct shots from half-line when they could have easily cut through the defenders directly into the 'D'. They did take some good shots, but good enough only to either land on poles or intercepted by one of the defenders. One was indeed fatal, when the ball came in rushing and I had full chance of deflecting it. I kicked the ball with all the strength I had only to result in feeble tap under the ball. whoosh! The ball lofted high enough beyond the keepers reach :'-( Oops, what the *%#$ (I know everyone almost said that ;-) )!!! I bet every heart there skipped a beat. And then ... Phew! Thank God! The ball landed just beyond the top pole! Nevis, rather I, was lucky!

Our gaolie did great job of defending the goal inspite of being injured at hands. It was cheering squad that kept our morale high and created pressure on the opposite team. Three cheers for Nevis: Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray! Insiders news, now, after 2 wins, Kapil has promised to sponsor us a dinner with booze!

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