Sunday, July 03, 2005

Detective, Arthur Hailey

Detective is a can't-put-it-down novel by Arthur Hailey, an author who is VERY well known for his extensive and thorough research prior to writing a book. You cannot doubt the authenticity & credibility of the information in his novel.

As you might have guessed from the title by now, his novel is about homicide investigations. He takes you on a roller-coaster ride through the complexities and hazards involved in such a profession, where human lives are at stake! The novel starts off with Malcom Ainslie, (main lead), of Miami police is about to take his well-earned vacation with his family. Just then he is called on an urgent mission: Elory, a criminal, wants him to hear his confession. Will he confess all the gruesome double murders for which Ainslie got him convicted or he just want him to take a confession as a Catholic priest?
Will it be worth flying down to Elory dumping his long awaited vacation plans?
I should admit that while he dives deep into the singular topic (homicide investigation in this case), he never lets his readers distract from the central plot. Only down side is the gory murders he explains VERY vividly. The descriptions might tend to linger around in your minds for quite some time.

Thoroughly informative & exciting, I would STRONGLY recommend this for everyone and a MUST for suspense/thriller fans.

I desperately want to read his more celebrated titles: Airport, Hotel, Final Diagnosis. At the time of buying Detective, I enquired about them but the store didn't have any of them in stock :-(

Currently, I’m reading ‘
A Beautiful Mind’ biography of John Nash. It’s more of a serious kind of novel and you can definitely NOT take it as a sedative to bed!

Coming up... review on Deception Point and The Godfather!

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Sheetal said...

will read it next.. decption point... i liked it a lot :) need to catch up on other dan browns.. :) i read only da vinci apart from this...