Friday, July 22, 2005

Futsal Day 1: Nevis beats QED

With splendid victory on the first day of tournament against QED (don't ask me what does it stand for, because even one of that company's guy didn't know it!!!) we are too charged up to play tomorrow's (err... it's already tomorrow, so today's) 2 upcoming matches. I'm tooooooo exhausted, but thanks to chilling coldwater shower and steaming-hot cup of my Mommy's SUPER-DUPER Masala Tea, I am able to keep my promise of taking the news of this victory public right away after the match!!!
Thanks to Pune's GOD DAMNED ^@#$ed up traffic, I reached home a little late & could barely manage a cup of tea before the match. By the time I reached ground, I had lost my composure. Reaching at 2110 hrs (9:10 pm) I was 20 minutes before scheduled time (thanks to no traffice @ Swargate) and overall plan was running late by an hour which helped me cool down a bit.
Within first 5 minutes of starting, Sagar scored a goal followed by Ranjit. It scared the hell out of QED and built tremendous pressure on them. But they were determined to attack with vengeance. Thanks to Amit (our former star forward who's out due to severe ligament injury) he played an amazing goalie. Our defense was pretty solid and opponent could only take advantage of our few mistakes.

By second half, we were leading 3-2 and just before last five minutes QED leveled the score! Boy, that goal scared the hell out of us :-( But thanks to Ranjit & Sagar who managed to score in last 2 minutes taking Nevis to 4-3!!! I should say Sagar & Ranjit managed their nerves too well to have scored in last 2 minutes. It was a very beautiful coordination, only short of a camera shooting :-( Everyone was dead tired after the match but we all managed to drive home safely ;-)
Special thanks to Chidanand and Malhari because Chidu postponed trip to his head quarters & Malhari promised to drop him early morning @ bus stop.
With putting a couple of issues to rest at office and Nevis' victory, I would claim today's day was pretty well! Now, with my clock reading 0130 hrs (i.e. 1:30 am way beyond my *normal* bedtime) & much worried about couple of check-ins, merging & status-reporting, I should go to sleep for I have to reach office in time.
Have a SEXY night (or day, as applicable), sleep tight/work hard!
For those who don't know what Futsal is, it's an indoor version of football (soccer) with slight modification in rules and 5 players each side. For more details check this out.


TaurianLeo said...

Superb! I am surely missing all the fun, but enjoyed every bit of the post. I am thrilled here in bangalore after reading it.

Keep it up guys!

- Vivek

Sheetal said...

Cool.. congrats :)

Aditya said...

I had gone there to watch the Infy match. For the first time, I felt sad that I quit. Its pretty unbearable to watch the guys playing and all you can do is stand at the sidelines. Especially for someone who can't resist playing full length matches even while running temperature!