Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Godfather, Mario Puzo

I know, claiming to be a novel-lover, I'm a little too late to read a novel as GREAT as The Godfather. But better late than never :-D

This is another novel that I would STRONGLY recommend to all the serious (& not not-so-serious) readers.

Covering crime & corruption, passion & loyalty, this stands as a definitive novel of the Mafia underworld. At some point while reading, you actually start suspecting if Mario Puzo himself is a celebrated underworld don! Or at the least, was at some point of time! That's the beauty of this novel. Every character protrayed so vividly, that you can actually make a real living person out of it, had you had the power to create life forms!!!

The story is about the most respected and revered of dons, Don Corleone, how he established his empire, guarded it and earned his respect. He is then brought down by his enemies, ruthless and equally powerful. With none of his sons quite incompetent to guard the BIG empire, leave alone running it, how is the Don supposed to get out of the mess his enemies has put him in? Should he put down his weapons and surrender? Or should he flee away? Or should he come up with supremely master-mind plot to wipe out all of his enimies!!!
As intriguing this story sounds, this is an amazing page turner.
Not all underworld dons are merciless and reckless! This novel, for sure, will give you a fresh view of the underworld, unlike you must have seen in movies or read elsewhere!
I bet you will secretly want to personally owe a favour to such a Don!
Read the novel to find out what I mean!
I want to get hold of his equally revered novel, The Last Don.


winny said...

"The Godfather" is among the best novels that i have read. I liked the novel because of the strong characters and like you mentioned the feeling that you are not reading but things are happening right before your eyes.

Sweta Samota said...

You can call it the Mahabharat of the Modern world!
The principles are quite same:)!

Sheetal said...

one more on my to read list :) btw.. is it like movie 'D' / sarkar.. i heard 'sarkar' is based of godfather..

Magesh said...

Hey buddy, got e-book of this one or the other one? ;-)

Palla S. Kiran Kumar said...

hi atul,

indeed its a great book to read. I am reading it now ... some 100 pages still to go ... i heard that crime and corruption is a sequel of Godfather .. uumm .. not sure ...
In my peipeline is another book ..
autobigraphy of Lee Iaccocaa [spelling ?? :-))]

The Shaolin said...

'Lee Iacocca', it's in my list too!