Friday, July 01, 2005

Mr. And Mrs. Smith

Well, I believe it's just too late to put a review on Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but still thought of putting a few lines for completeness and keeping my promise ;-)
I would rate it at 5 on a scale of 10. An average movie, it mostly seems to be a hodge-podge of various events/ideas! There's absolutely NO chemistry between Jolie and Pitt on the screen. The director has tried hard (with little success) to create interest by using hi-tech gizmos, hi-tech weaponry & little comedy here and there.
Performances of both the stars is average, but what's interesting is how these 2 of the world's deadliest assassins hide their true identity & profession from each other with being married happily for six years (first flaw: how can such smart people NOT find that out!). Their worlds fall apart
when they face each other while they are assigned to terminate same target! Then, these supposedly the most precise of assassins, make a terrible mistake! In the event of killing the common target, each one of them believes the other to be an obstruction in his/her assignment & turn against each other, yet unaware of who the other assassin is. It's only after they go back to their hiding thorough R&D to they figure out about each other. BTW, even the way they discover each others identity is a little hard to digest.

If you ask me what did I like about the movie, I'll have to scratch my heads in vain! I had great expectations from the movie and dragged a whole gang of friends with me, only to get disappoinment & grumpy faces.
Many preposterous ideas/scenes shown in the movie, won't discuss them here. People over net have done better job on that already!
All in all, don't go for it, unless you have absolutely nothing else to do in life!

Eagerly looking up to War of the Worlds, directed by Steven Speilberg (one of my favourite directors)!


Anonymous said...

"NO chemistry between Jolie and Pitt"..Yeah no doubt abt it.
They should have cast Atul talesra instead. "AJ n AT"..would have made a perfect pair!! what say ? ;))

The Shaolin said...

Dear Mr/Mrs Anonymous, you are absolutely right ;-) AJ & AT!

Anonymous said...

Mrs??? huhhhhh!!!

Sheetal said...

this shows.. not all hollywood movies are nice.. and not all bollywood movies are bad.. :D