Thursday, August 11, 2005

Futsal Day 2 and Day 3

Day 2: Against Extentia
Started off with Nevis scoring 3 amazing goals. Forwards didn't let the ball come into our half. In the event, Ranjit, our beloved captain, completely pissed off a sumo in their team (yes, if you compare Nevis' team with him, he definitely was a sumo to us). After second half, we were leading 3-0 and all the time that sumo was trying to target Ranjit and take him down. Every time he got an opportunity he would hit the ball HARD, real HARD, to Ranjit, regardless of direction!!! It was really fun to watch that Ranjit not budging an inch and always standing against him! But unfortunately, our defense got a little relaxed and they leveled the score to 3-3. But we managed to gain lead and won the match with 6-3!

Following this, we had a match with WNS. This was really a good team to play against, with many players from clubs. Due to shortage of time, we played it 7-minute each half game. They were so strong, that they literally played dog-n-the-bones with us :-( They won with significant margin.

Day 3: Against Wipro.
This was Sunday. The match was even more disappointing since this team was much stronger than WNS! They too had all the players from clubs. We lost to them badly and got out of the tournament. And anyways, with only 2 players to substitute, we couldn't have managed anything beyond this semis!

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