Monday, August 15, 2005

Today's snapshot: Violet Paradise!

Today's screenshot!
I know, a couple of you will be glad to see non-celebrity wallpaper and some disappointed, but one cannot satisfy all the people all the time ;-)

BTW, weekend was fun, for I played football with my mates after a LONG break due to incessant rains. Watched Stealth & Island. Hogged lot of junk food, no to miss Mom's special recipes at home. And yeah, lots of rest ;-) Started new novel Iris Johansen's 'Long After Midnight'. Another exciting event was that I met two of my bosom buddies, who were my roommates at hostel, after a REALLY long time. That's all off my weekend. How about you?


Aditya said...

Yeah, football was a *lot* of fun, especially after such a long break. There is no part of my leg that is not aching at the moment :)

Sheetal said...

hey nice wallpaper :) and a change ;-) I had been in pune for a weekend.. :) just back from vacation...