Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Movie update

In context of previous post, I'm posting movie reviews.
I saw Interpreter and would rate it 4/10!
Reason: The movie becomes too demanding to follow at some point and you end up losing the track of it altogether. Yes, it's like a normal undergrad student listening to Quantum Physics lecture. But I should admit that Nicole rocks. She looks damn too beautiful (mind you, I REALLY mean beautiful and not glamourous) and she enacts her cast pretty well. Moral is, anything more that 40 rupees is SHEER waste of money.

Sahara Desert: I don't have a firsthand review of this, but a colleague of mine had been to it. She didn't like it much & from her talk I deduced that she would rate it somewhere 4/10.

Bad movies & with NO football sessions since past 2-3 weeks; Aggrrhh.... GOD! I cannot contain my FRUSTRATION now. I'm not disheartened, though & am ON with full steam for reaminng two movies in the list! And if rain permits, football too!
Oh, BTW, I watched 'The Ghost & The Darkness' sometime back and is a SUPERB movie: direction-wise & cast-wise. My rating 8/10. To provide you a lil background, it's based on real-life incident where two lions turn man-eaters and attack in broad daylight without fear claiming too many workers' lives at the construction site in Africa. It's a classic example of eternal clash between man and nature. The lions were so fearless ruthless lightning-fast hunters that they were almost invincible! Get your hands on this movie!


Nakul said...

you liked ghost and darkness. (good ;))
You got to watch "life is beautiful"?? I am waiting for your comments for that movie.

The Shaolin said...

I avoid emotionally demanding movies as far as possible. But will see it for sure, heard about this movie from many people.