Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Newspaper Times of India SUCKS!!!

Yeah, I know many of you ALREADY know this! But today I read something and couldn't resist this quick post in midst of my heavy workload.

Are there hidden sexual messages in Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince? Consider these excerpts...
'There was no need to stick the wand in that hard,' he (Dumbledore) said gruffly, clambering to his feet. 'It hurt.' (p 64) ...

Click here to see article under consideration

Are it's opening lines with many more following it. WTF! I gasp!

Any !@#$ing damn sentence, when stripped down off it's surrounding context can have sexual innuendoes to them. And those (read TOI) GOD damned morons don't find a SHIT with sucked-up perverted non-adult-rated Bollywood movies and item songs! The article also talks about Batman & Robin being gay!

Well, I'm so infuriated that I am falling short of words.

It's my VERY PERSONAL and KIND request that stop considering TOI as a source of news. Go for India Express or Hindu instead. Or even better Mumbai Samachar (which is THE oldest continuously published paper in India and one of the oldest in the world. You will need Gujurati fonts to see that page). TOI is merely a gossip paper. By any acceptable educated human standards I don't rate it as a source of news.


Anonymous said...

Agreed Atul... It's no longer a newspaper, best to use it as TOIlet paper.

Magesh said...

Welcome to the club. TOI Sucks - no question about that. I get that only to do the daily sudoku

Sweta Samota said...

Agreeed! ET is a good alternative. and ofcourse Hindu is also good.

Amit Shah said...

Well, TOI has been a very sad paper since a long time. But I think in recent times, their posts have improved.. they've started giving some decent stories and are taking up some causes / cases which make the lawmakers / politicians sit up and do something about it.

But the supplements continue to be the worst thing in print (Pune Times, Bangalore Times, etc)

Suhas said...
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TaurianLeo said...

TIOlet paper :) Superb! I liked it. I completely agree with you Atul! I also open the sudoku and dont even read the headlines. :). Indian Exp is a better option. To be honest, Sakal, a marathi paper also is very good.

- Viv

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Its been more than two years I have stopped reading and visiting TOI. They have become a soft porn tabloid. In their Pune Times supplement you will hardly see any news related to Pune (except night club news).
I also feel that they hire college student to get the story and then publish the story claiming that the culture is everywhere in the city.
TOI sucks big time.

Anonymous said...

Great article and it really mirrors my thoughts, listing a few of my frustrations here:
1) I have stopped going to Indiatimes totally, because it indeed is useless for people like us, who want real news, and I’m not saying I’m not in love with bollywood head over heels either, but “Sherlyn Chopras nude act in a film” sounds so disgusting as a headline. I only go to times of india (dot) com for major headlines and a small dose of bollywood on the side (literally).
2) Those ads – I’m not a fan of writing OMG, but OMG!!! The ads are SO frustrating, why can’t they have a cleaner, more efficient website like CNN, or even NDTV for that matter. Everytime you enter, there is a huge dabang style ad for xoom (dot) com these days and its SO annoying, same goes with all articles which have tagged words. Even if you scroll over one by mistake, the ad hovers over the entire paragraph and you just want to kill someone at that time when you’re so engrossed in the news and want to know what happens next.
Conclusion: Never ever go to indiatimes like we used to, it resides in suckville now, and your only hope from the Times group is timesofindia (dot) com, which is marred by bad web design and a plethora of useless ads and links to other useless websites. Try NDTV instead, I’m a fan of NDTV website, of course i visit TOI almost everyday, but just to look over the headlines to see if they covered something that NDTV didn’t. Hoe my two cents help curb your frustration a little, we are all in the same boat