Sunday, January 22, 2006

It started again

Sunday: Day started with an amazing full-strength (well, not exactly, it was 10 a side) football game. Two of Univ United's founding members Prash & Vinay, turned up. But they left a little too early, maybe they found the game too chaotic compared to theirs :-( With a STRONG feeling of having an amazing day ahead, I reach home, have a relaxing bath, eat amazing warm lunch, read newspaper for a few minutes (I could never get myself to read newspaper for more than a few minutes), and dump myself onto my bed. Just when I was about to get a DEEP and SOUND sleep, with exciting sweet dreams, my bloody cell rings. !@$!@#$ I could sense it's not a good sign... And I wasn't wrong!

My manager's manager wanted me to report to office & handle a critical activity, and that too immediately. I convinced the caller that if I come right away, I'll have to sleep in the office, so I committed I'll be there in an hour or so. With spending Saturday too in office, I don't have to tell the rest... You can picture yourself how all of my weekend plans shattered into pieces.

Not that I didn't want to work, but I had to demolish (brutally) all of my weekend plans and commitments that I made through the week and eagerly waited to live by. God knows if this stops or not [a thousand sighs]

Hope at the least you guys had an amazing weekend.

Anyway, here I'm, once again furiously assaulting my keyboard...

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