Monday, January 09, 2006

A New Experiment

It takes me about half an hour to drive to office, and about an hour to drive back home from office. And these are very optimistic numbers! If am unlucky enough, that is lights in the areas I drive through is gone, and it the dumb-a$$ traffic police controlling the traffic, the traveling time can shoot to 1.5 hours! This is too much of a time to cover just 12-15 kms distance! All the time, I've my radio as my mate. But unfortunately most of the times I travel Vivdh Bharati is airing some regional programs, bhajans, etc.

Then an idea dawned upon me! How about having book as a companion! Well, am not talking about paper-bound books, am talking about audio books (in fact I recall my mentor mention that such a thing is VERY common in US where people face similar issues)! And today was the first day of this experiment. I've started listening to this wonderful book:
Breathing:The Master Key to Self Healing, by Andrew Weil

Will bother you with details of it later, but it sounds very interesting, at least the first 20 minutes. This is one book where author openly admits that the esoteric science of breathing and it's unprecedented power to heal multitude of disorders originated in India and diffused to various parts of world and took many different forms.

For completeness, a small warning!
Beware, if you are planning to do anything like me, then you better drive slow, for now half of your conscious mind is listening to the audio!


Sheetal said...

That warning you have posted is just like the warning those cigar people put in their adv.. infact yours is one step above those people.. WHY WEDDINGS FONT..

Siege Perilous said...

This is a gr8 Idea.
And come to banglore, U will find Pune is much better in traffic(except the road conditions :-( )

This Idea will be very practical in banglore where a four wheeler hardly moves for hours and two wheelers too had to find tiny ways to go thru.
Whtever.. VividhBharati Rocks !!

Ashish Borkar said...

Hi Atul,
Really a great idea !!!
I m thinking of reading a lot of books but fail to find n e time to do so. My travelling time is 35 mins one way i.e total of 70 mins.Can you tell me source of getting hold of these audio books?


Prashant said...

just a query?
whr do u get audio books from?