Monday, September 18, 2006

Have you ever wondered...

Wanted to share this for LONG, but always shrugged it... only until now...

Did you ever notice that whenever you open the tap to wash your hands, or clean a cup, or razor, or anything else, you (& everyone else) just opens the tap to it's full force!!! NO!!! Well, then observe it once. Now that you are conscious of this, you will have to observe someone else do it. Pantry is the BEST place to watch for such things. What I'm trying to get at is, we don't have to open the tap to full force. With almost 10-25% of tap's full capacity, you can get 95% of your work done. Water is a VERY VERY precious resource, ask someone who lives in a desert. In cities, we usually tend to be oblivious to this problem and then one fine sunny say in summer we curse our municipal corporations that they are incapable of managing water. Have YOU ever contributed to it by being conscious of your own water usage? I'm more sensitive or aware of this maybe because I'm predisposed with this instinct, by great forefathers, my ancestors, are from most arid of deserts. But we, as educated and sensible citizens, can try to save as much water as we can. And believe me, it's not that big an effort. But imagine the savings we can get by even 10% of our total Indian population (of 1.1 billion as of 2006) practicing this moderation!!!

You never know that your moderation might help some poor farmer in a remote village with his crops!


Sheetal said...

and this is not just for water.. even electricity and all national resources one must use carefully.. i have seen so many well educated people ignoring this fact that i wonder what was use of education..

Nakul said...

control yaar, this is now getting boring.

It seems you are a getting a lot of free time these days. Earlier that civics things, which i didnt even dare to read and now this.

The Shaolin said...

> It seems you are a getting a lot of free time these days.
Completely contrary to the fact!

> Earlier that civics things, which i didnt even dare to read and now this.
Probably you haven't ever been in a situation where you are deprived of water: been to remote village, esp. where people have to walk 10s of kms to get water enough to get their food cooked! Forget about personal hygeine and taking shower twice a day.
You don't even have to go to a remote village. During hostel days, the motor conked off and we didn't have water for 3 days in a row. That's when you feel the pinch.

About civics, you should come down to Pune, drive on this god damned roads to and from office for 1 hrs in each direction, pay 30% of your hard earned money, and only they you would realize the pain!

Of course you are free to express your disapproval, but that doesn't change the fact.