Friday, September 15, 2006

Weekend Update

As usual, things happen that you like and some that you don't. But all in all, last weekend was pretty satisfying. As usual, football was at the center of giving me pleasure! This Sunday, 14 ppl had turned up for the game. Which meant a 7 aside non-stop 1.5 hours worth of amazing, wonderful and tiring game. The regular ground was in pathetic state because of rains, so had gone to Abhiman society to play. The ambience of the society was more than enough to excite us to play harder!

Following the game was my mentor, my boss, my manager, my senior friend, et. al., Raghu's, house warming party. It was more of a team lunch, which was being postponed due to burgeoning workload. Raghu was the architect of his own bungalow himself. And that is the reason everyone of us were so eager to see, what he calls it as, the version 1.0 of his home. The endless discussion of interesting problems while doing so, at the lunch table only made us all more inquisitive! Man with impeccable judgment about almost everything, he chose and put every damn thing with uncanny attention.

It's difficult to pick on anything and say, 'It would have looked better that way'. But a few things about his home that I like the most are...
Rainwater harvesting: It was really amazing to learn that how much water you can harvest if you provide for it. And what doesn't strike many bungalow owners is the fact that doing so can ease so much pressure on already growing shortage of water. Just 2500 or 3000 sq.ft. of area that harvests rain water, collects enough water to fill up all of his tanks. Don't recall exact metrics right now :(

The second part that was really impressive was the placement of windows and Italian bricks (just like normal bricks, but made of glass, to allow light to pass through). There is enough light throughout the day, without blinding you. Another thing is the garage, exactly the way found in American apts (the ones you see in Hollywood movies). You must visit this home before you start building your own.

After a few rounds of the house, we sat down for lunch. The food was AMAZING! And I had eaten enough to let myself skip the dinner!!!
Here you see Raghu opening a GIANT gift from us, his team.

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Sheetal said...

painting looks amazing... :) and i have hardly known anybody who has done rain water harvesting stuff.. i think may be because people might not have enough knowledge about what it takes to have it done and all...