Monday, September 18, 2006

Why do we study that braindead subject of Civics in schools?

On the way to for exhilarating Sunday football game, me & my buddy Adi were discussing the !@$#ing sad sate of Pune roads. Trying to share a gist of the same...

We study a subject called Civics in our schools. Idea is to make the literate mass (BTW, there's marked difference between educated and literate masses) aware of their rights and duties. But what the subject is full of is sadist numbers (no of ppl to make a assembly meeting going,, criterias (to become PM, MLA, etc.), irritating dates, and all other utterly useless shit. The subject SHOULD be meant to teach about civility, isn't it! Why should it NOT include what to do when you are cheated by a shopkeeper? What accounts as cheating to consumers? How to deal in consumer courts? Is there such a thing called as case against the government? Where to demand better quality of infrastructure? After all we professional salaried people pay !@#$ing 30%+ of our hard earned salary for all this. But unfortunately it finds it's way in safes of the braindead corrupt officers. How do you charge such imbeciles? I'm sure even the most literate (and educated) of us might not have slightest idea of this!!!

Isn't all this a part of our civil rights? In fact Civil Duty, I would say. But all that we study in our textbooks is utter nonsense & absolutely useless. Just a means of wasting kids' valuable time & making money out of selling textbooks.

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Sheetal said...

how would those corrupt people allow to add these things into the curriculum... when they have taken vows to help themselves instead of this country..