Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Many Many Happy Returns of the day

That was the mantra the whole of yesterday!!!

First off, I want to thank all of my family & buddies for making this birthday a very special event, just in case I haven't done so personally. Usually I'm not very excited about birthdays, and just take the day as any normal day. But it was for my family and buddies who made me feel SO SPECIAL that I was deeply touched. Was working late on 26th night and was reminded of my birthday in few minutes by a buddy. Nothing special, I shrugged, with YAD, 'yet another day', in life attitude. On most of earlier occasions I had dozed off long before midnight. As soon as the clock struck 0001 hrs calls and sms'es started pouring in! My parents, bro and godfather were at home too! By the time I was done taking blessings from parents and good wishes from buddies it was well past 1 AM! That is when I felt, I'm going to have a great day ahead!

Even while I reached office and was at office, the calls and sms'es didn't stop. And not to forget so many emails and hundreds of scraps on Orkut!!! So much so, I have not been able to respond to even 25% of the scraps yet. At office, buddies gave me a surprise treat!!! Back home in the evening, my bro & buddies @ my society gave me another surprise: they had put up a kind of mini-party!!! It was so much fun to have all the attention and everybody around you (esp @ office even where some people don't even know you) is so kind to you! For a moment I felt the day should not pass away. Alas! What comes has to go back where it came from! As the day ended, I had grown a year younger (only SICK people grow old), was a year wiser, came closer to friends and had few more blessings! As I type all this, the happy moments with everyone yesterday come vividly flashing in front of me.

Here I'm being ragged before I'm allowed to feast on the yummy chocolate cake!

Maa, see what they did to me!

Having lunch at peace, finally!

More photos to come, will share them tomorrow.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who, knowingly & unknowingly, made my day special!

Photo Credits: Archana Limaye.
--- edit ---
As promised, here are more photos from my birthday bash
1. Lunch with office buddies
2. Surprise mini-party society buddies threw


sonia said...

hey..looks like u all had a lot of fun. missed it :(


Prabhat said...

Dear Atul,
Belated Happy B'day.

Best wishes,


Vaarun said...

Belated Happy Birthday.. its great that you had a blast that day!

Siege Perilous said...

belated happy Budday Dude !! :)

B'days are always so much fun... !!